8 Tips for Winterizing Your Lees Summit Home

October 21st, 2014|

Home maintenance during the winter can be expensive and time consuming. However, by preparing in advance, you can avoid problems while also saving on heating costs and keeping your family comfortable. Follow these tips from Bill West Roofing to winterize your Lees Summit home before the cold weather sets in.


5 Essential Tips for Staying Organized During a Remodeling Project

October 7th, 2014|

The time for your home remodeling project is almost here! You’ve been planning, saving, and looking forward to the day when your Kansas City home is transformed. But before work can begin, there are 5 essential things you should do to make sure the process is pain-free. Take time to properly prepare for the remodel by: […]

Decorate Now for the Upcoming Holidays!

September 27th, 2014|

When fall arrives, you know the holiday season is not far behind. It’s the perfect time to tackle outdoor holiday decorating for your Kansas City home. By decorating early in warmer weather, you don’t have to worry about climbing ladders to attach decorations to your shingle roofing in the cold and snow.  Here are some ideas we would like to share for decorating the exterior of your home. […]

5 Exterior Design Ideas for Your Home

September 4th, 2014|

If you are planning to remodel the exterior of your Kansas City home you may want to consult landscapers, designers, masons, and roofers as they are likely to be involved in your remodel. However, when deciding what kind of an impression you want your home to make, it’s good to have a few ideas before getting others involved.
Here are 5 exterior features to consider when planning your exterior remodel: […]

Increase Curb Appeal With 5 Simple Upgrades: Looks Do Matter

August 25th, 2014|

Whether you like it or not, every potential customer pre-judges your business based on the way the building looks from the outside. It is the first impression that you make, and if the exterior looks old and out of date, customers assume your company will be as well. Fortunately, when you are doing a flat roof replacement, or other exterior work, you can also increase the building’s curb appeal with some minor upgrades and drive more customers to your business. […]

Hire the Perfect Roofing Crew

August 22nd, 2014|

Imagine the perfect roofing crew. Tall and handsome, they stand on your house, flexing muscles as you hand up cool, refreshing lemonade you made for them. Every now and then you catch their eye and they see you staring at their six-pack abs. As you bake cookies for yet another visit up the ladder, you know you should leave them alone up there, to work on their tans. Wait…shouldn’t they be working on your shingle roofing? […]

Let a Radiant Barrier Keep a Cool Roof Over Your Head

August 7th, 2014|

Your local Kansas City roofer can play an important role in boosting your home’s energy efficiency and shaving your air conditioning bill. By adding a radiant barrier in your Kansas City home’s attic, a professional roofer, like Bill West Roofing, can reduce heat infiltration from direct sunlight.
What is a Radiant Barrier?
If you have ever used a metallic foil emergency blanket, you have wrapped yourself in a radiant barrier. […]

Important Roofing Terms to Know

July 31st, 2014|

If you have talked with a Kansas City roofing contractor before, you may be aware of the sometimes confusing terms that are often used in their field of work. There are a few key ones that it is helpful to know before you call a Kansas City roofing contractor to discuss a job. Take a few moments to review some of the following important roofing phrases and terms: […]

Is Roof Repair Necessary Before Selling Your Home?

July 24th, 2014|

If you have decided to sell your Kansas City area home, you may be wondering if your roof is in good enough condition to sell. You may even be debating in your mind whether or not you should seek roof repair, complete replacement, or just sell your home as-is. These are questions anyone selling their home will need answering before they can put it on the market. […]

Try Before You Buy Roofing: CertainTeed’s ColorView Technology

July 15th, 2014|

Since 1904, CertainTeed has been leading the way in roofing and construction material technologies, making them one of the most recognizable brands in home renovation. At Bill West Roofing, we pride ourselves on being the rare Kansas City roofing company to hold the coveted CertainTeed Shingle Master certification and also able to act as an authorized CertainTeed vendor. We are very excited that we can now bring CertainTeed’s ColorView technology to our Kansas City area customers. […]