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Don’t Let Winter’s Abuse Destroy Your Roof

If this winter was rough on you, imagine what kind of shape your roof might be in after the ice and snow abuse heaped on by Mother Nature this winter. To determine if your Kansas City home is in need of roof repair, as the homeowner you can perform a post-winter roof inspection to pinpoint […]

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The Red, White, and Blue Program from CertainTeed and your local Kansas City Roofer

It is not always easy-going for the families of our veterans while their loved ones are away defending our liberties. So, it is nice to see the neighbors of these gallant men and women come together to help them out. One such effort is the Red, White and Blue Program provided by the CertainTeed Company and your local Kansas city roofer, Bill West Roofing.
Military and AARP Members
The program is primarily aimed at helping all military personnel – active, veteran or retired – obtain a quality roof at an affordable price, but it is also available in the “Silver” version for any AARP member. In either case, materials and training, via a thorough credentialing process, are provided by CertainTeed while the installation is completed by local roofing companies. In the end, the homeowner gets a superior Integrity roof system at a fraction of the usual cost. Bill West Roofing, your local Kansas City roofer, is a proud participant in this program. […]

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Be Hale and Hearty After a Hail Storm

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the largest hailstone to fall on Missouri was a six-inch diameter whopper that struck near Meadville (Linn County) in May of 2004. Hail two inches and larger is considered by the NWS to be of significant risk to life and property. For Kansas City-area residents, hail storm damage is more than an inconvenience. As a Kansas City Roofer we know that this type of storm can ruin your home and its belongings. […]

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Ventilate Your Attic With Solar Powered Roof Vents

Just above your head in your Kansas City home, there may be an unconditioned zone of acute heat and moisture. It may be making your home less comfortable and costing you money. It may even be damaging the structural integrity of the house. It’s called your attic. Solar powered roof vents help eliminate attic ventilation shortfalls and make your attic more energy-efficient to lower utility costs. […]

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Prepare For The Spring Thaw With Gutter Replacement

With all the snow and ice Kansas City has seen this winter, everyone is eager for spring to come. Unfortunately, all that challenging winter weather can potentially damage the exterior of your home. A professional gutter replacement insures that the water from spring thaw goes where it’s supposed to and doesn’t cause more problems. […]

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Roof Repairs That You Will Need Over the Years

The roof on your home or business performs an important function, in that it protects everything that is underneath. Even with the best construction on the front end, the need for some repairs will occur from time to time. Here are examples of the more common kinds of roof repairs that you can expect to need at some point.
Loose Shingles
With any type of shingled roof, the day will come when one or more shingles have to be replaced. All sorts of events can cause shingles to loosen and in some cases break. Bad weather involving high winds is a good example. Even if the shingles are not damaged, any loose ones need to be fixed firmly in place. […]

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Inspect and Repair Your Gutters Before the Rainy Season Starts

The gutters on your house may seem like a fairly minor part of your home but they actually provide some very important functions that keep you and your home safe from the ravages of Mother Nature. In addition to keeping you dry, a good gutter system will also funnel the majority of the water away from your house. For these simple reasons, it is imperative to inspect, maintain and repair your gutters every year. […]

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Give Your Home a Face-Lift With New CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Siding!

Welcome spring with more than a new garden, give your Kansas City home an entire face-lift with CertainTeed Vinyl Siding installed by Bill West Roofing. It’s easy to update the color and appearance of your home with new siding as it comes in a variety of shades and styles. Today’s vinyl siding is designed to fit your budget, your tastes and the unique character of your home. […]

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Need to Replace Your Roof? Think Green Roofing!

When it is time to replace your roof, consider the environmental impact of your new roofing design and materials. Advances in green roofing technology give you the opportunity to replace your roof with materials that are environmentally friendly and that will reduce your energy bills and enhance the appearance and value of your home.

Green roofing design incorporates low-environmental-impact materials in a complete roofing system that not only keeps your building dry, but also provides adequate attic ventilation and minimizes energy losses on extremely hot or cold days. Green roofing minimizes the environmental impact of the manufacture and transport of the roofing materials and provides for environmentally responsible disposal of the roofing materials at the end of the roof’s useful life. […]

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Remember Bill West Roofing For Your Roof Replacement Needs

Your roof is an important part of your home, without it your family and belongings would be open to the weather elements. It is no wonder than that you want to find the best contractors to complete any inspections, repairs, or roof replacement that your home may need through the years.

At Bill West Roofing our team of highly experienced professionals are prepared to provide you with the premium service you demand for your home.

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