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Roof Repair Basics

Roof Repair Basics Kansas City new install repair blue springs missouriRoof Repair Basics

A few years after installation, you may notice that your roof’s performance is becoming poor.  There may be signs of wear and tear after the different types of weather that your roof has gone through.  Regular repair and maintenance are vital to ensure that you get the best protection from your roof.  Below are basic roof repair services offered by roofers in Kansas City: Bill West Roofing offers all of these services.  We are your #1 roofing contractor in Kansas City area!

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Bill West Roofing – Previous Project Service

bill west roofing previous project serviceBill West Roofing – Previous Project Service

This is a roof we put on a few years ago.  After driving by we had noticed that some ridge cap shingles had blown off.  We turned around and went back and repaired it.

This is the kind of service you can expect from Bill West Roofing.

This church in the Kansas city area, has been roofed by Bill West Roofing Inc. twice.  We was very eager to work with them again after a storm.  We look forward to working with them in the future as well.  Thanks for the repeat business!!!!!

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Bill West Roofing – New Roofing Project in Kansas City Area!

new roofing project kansas city blue springs missouri repair install Bill West Roofing Inc. New Roofing Project in Kansas City Area!

This beautiful home has had a new roof installed by Bill West Roofing!

It has a beautiful Weathered Wood Certainteed Landmark Designer shingle.  Across the top it is hard to notice that it has new ridge venting.  This type of ventilation brings both an elegance and use.

This home had a old 20 year builders grade 3 tab shingle installed.  This was very typical of most Roofing contractors in Kansas City Area, on new construction.  Very amazing on how a new installed roof can change the look so greatly.  Also installing the new ridge vent on this home was the best ventilation possible since it is a gable roof.  With the designer system this home will have a 50 year warranty that is non prorated and 25 years workmanship.  Fully backed by Bill West Roofing Inc, and Certainteed.  The Warranty is even fully transferable to the next homeowner.

Most homeowners want Value for there next roofing project.  If you are looking to add value and beautiful new look to your home think Bill West Roofing, for upgrading your home with a new Roof!  We are proud to be your area’s leading installer for designer, luxury roof systems in the Kansas City Area.  We are your #1 roofing contractor in Kansas City Area.




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Roofing 101: Asphalt Shingle Layers

asphalt shingle layers kansas city missouri blue springs install new repair roofRoofing 101:  Asphalt Shingle Layers

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing materials in Kansas City. They’re inexpensive but very durable and provide a lot of style and color options. But unlike other roofing materials, it’s not immediately clear what they are made of. For example, it’s obvious that wood shakes are cut from wood and that clay tiles are from clay but what about asphalt shingles? What makes them the favorite roofing material of Kansas City roofers?

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New Designer Roof Project in Kansas City Area

designer roof project kansas city blue springs missouri install repair roofNew Roof Project in Kansas City Area!

This beautiful home has a new roof installed by Bill West Roofing.

The home now has a brand new Certainteed Landmark Designer Shingle.  The weathered wood color really brings out the dark accents of the home.  Across the top ridge sits a product called ridge vent which gives the best ventilation possible on this roof.

This home has a wonderful new roof on it by a great Roofing contractor in Kansas city.  Bill West Roofing!  This home is really close to Independence but has a KC address.  This home got a great new Face lift!

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Factors that Affect Roofing Estimates

Factors that affect roofing estimates kansas city missouri blue springs new install repairFactors that Affect Residential Roofing Estimates

Getting roof repairs or replacement done means a lot of money so it’s best to know how much you are expected to shell out before the project begins. Most residential roofing companies in Kansas City give estimates or quotes to prospective customers so you don’t have to do the math yourself.

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New Board Batten Project in Kansas City

new siding project bill west roofing blue springs kansas city missouriNew Board Batten project in Kansas City

During the installation of the roof on this property, Bill West Roofing had noticed that the siding was in poor condition.  Bill West Roofing then replaced the siding with new Mastic Board Batten.  First we wrapped the hole place in house wrap for efficiency.   Thing installed a new layer of form insulation to help with efficiency as well.  Then installed this Great looking siding.  The old siding was in very bad disrepair.  Needed paint and replace due to cheap paper back siding product was used when the place was built.  We know a  few of the residents and they have loved the whole process and love the saving and comfort of the newly updated building.

Also replaced on this project:  New 5 inch gutters with 3×4 down spouts.  Roof and Windows.  This was a Full exterior face lift on this place.  New double hung Amcraft Windows. Also installed a Certainteed Presidental Shake Roof. This roof was overkill for the building however they loved the look and wanted to go with it.

Bill West Roofing is so happy to be able to help with most of your needs on your home now.  Roofing, siding, windows, and Gutters.  No madder what it is a full face lift on this project or just a  small repair with a few shingles blow off you roof.   We are here to help you out with all you needs.  Please just let us know.


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New Landmark Pro Project in Kansas City Missouri Area

new shingle roof kansas city missouri blue springs repair install

This is our “Designer Series +PLUS” roofing system. The shingle is a Certainteed Landmark Pro with maximum definition colors.

As you can see across the ridge, we installed a brand new ridge venting system. This is the best ventilation you can get for this style of roof!

Contact Bill West Roofing today for an estimate for any of your roofing needs!!!

This homeowner chose the color called Weather Wood MAX Def! The darker shadow lines really make this roof POP! Great curb appeal. The old roof had been damage by storm a number of years before. The insurance company didn’t bat a eye on this job and had it paid for with no worries. Damage was old but the damage is there. Nice to have a great company like Bill West Roofing Inc.  As the adjuster was leaving, he said “no need for a re-inspection on this roof”.


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How to Locate a Leak on Your Roof

locate a leak roof repair missouri blue springs kansas cityHow to Locate a Leak on Your Roof

Why is my roof is leaking?  What do I do if I find a leak?  How can I locate a leak on my roof?  Finding a leak in your home can cause frustration and anxiety.  However, there is a simple step by step process that will help you know what to do when you find a leak, how to locate it’s source, and prevent further damage.

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Bill West Roofing – New Roofing Project in Kansas City Area!

new roofing project kansas city missouri blue springs install repair New Roofing Project in Kansas City Area!

This beautiful designer roof was installed by Bill West Roofing.

Used on this house is a lovely Certainteed Landmark Designer Shingle.  Also chosen was the 5-STAR SureStart warranty through Certainteed.  This covers this roof for 50 years non-prorated and includes a 25 year workmanship warranty.

This home had a old wood shake roof on it, so we tore it off and installed new roof decking.  Then installed a wonderful looking new Weather Wood Landmark shingle!  So totally Changed the look of the home!  Plus no more rolly polly bugs!

Landmark Series shingles endure time and weather beautifully. They come with our exclusive StreakFighter™ warranty, protecting your roof from streaking that can be caused by airborne algae.




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