2 Times Roof Replacement is the Smart Choice

2 Times Roof Replacement is the Smart Choice

2 Times Roof Replacement is the Smart Choice

Keeping the roof on your residential or commercial building in good condition is an important part of protecting your property from serious damage.

When your roof is in need of repairs, should you get them or should you invest in a new roof? Find out more about when a roof replacement is the better choice to make.

Roof That Needs Too Many Repairs

Roofs are typically built to last for decades, but they do wear out over time. If your roof has needed repairs more than once in recent years, this is usually a sign that it’s approaching the end of its effective lifespan. Whether you have had to replace damaged tiles or have cracked flashing repaired, these repairs can add up in terms of cost over time.

Keep in mind that when your roof does wear out, it will need to be replaced with a new one. This involves getting rid of new tiles and any other repairs you’ve made. Rather than continue spending money on repairs, it may be wiser and more financially sound choice to invest in a roof replacement. Although this will cost you more upfront, you’ll save money over the years by needing fewer repairs, especially if you have routine maintenance done on your new roof.

Repairs for an Older Roof That Is Less Energy-Efficient

When the roof of your commercial building or home is older and needs repairs, you should weigh the cost of fixing it up compared to the cost of a replacement. Older, darker roofs can cost you money when it comes to energy efficiency. These roofs aren’t as energy-efficient as newer roofs, which means you’re paying more to cool your home in addition to spending money on repairs.  

Replacing your old roof with a new roof that offers improved energy efficiency saves you money in terms of fewer repairs and lower cooling costs. Putting a lighter, flat roof on your commercial building or investing in a lighter shingle color for your home can help you reduce energy usage significantly.

If your roof needs repairs and you’re considering going with a replacement instead, please contact Bill West Roofing. Our roofing experts can help you determine whether repairing or replacing is a better option for your home or commercial building. We offer dependable roofing services in the Kansas City, MO area.

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