Blog Image of 3 Necessary Actions When You Need Emergency Roof Repairs

3 Necessary Actions When You Need Emergency Roof Repairs

Blog Image of 3 Necessary Actions When You Need Emergency Roof Repairs

Kansas City gets some bad storms, especially in the spring.

After the storm has come and gone, you likely head outside to take a look and see if any damage is done. One area you need to pay attention to is your roof. It’s what protects your home from the elements and keeps you safe during the next storm.

Three Things You Need to Do After a Storm

#1 Do a Visual Inspection

After the storm passes, take a quick walk around your home. Look for limbs down on the roof and shingles blown off. Also, hop up in the attic and see if water is leaking through the roof, around pipes, or along the side of the chimney.

Do not go up on the roof to do the inspection. You don’t know if there is damage elsewhere or if a power line might have fallen. Stay safe and call a roofing professional.

#2 Make Calls

If you have damage to your roof, you need to make two phone calls: one to your insurance agent and one to a local roofer. You need to start the claims process as soon as possible. Make sure you know what your deductible is and what damages are covered by insurance.

#3 Get the Repairs Started

Once you have the claim process started, the roofing company can get started on the repairs. The faster you get the job started, the faster it gets done. That way you will be prepared to weather the next storm, knowing your roof will protect you and your family.

Go Local

It is important to work with a local roofer who can handle emergency repairs. It means less stress for you. They will be around after the work is done so you can get answers to your questions. Also, you can call them in case you need warranty work in the future.

If you need emergency roof repair in Lee Summit, can Google “emergency roof repair near me” or just call Bill West Roofing. We’ve been serving our Kansas City neighbors since 1980.

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