3 Qualities that Make a Competent Roofer Excel - Look for These

3 Qualities that Make a Competent Roofer Excel – Look for These

3 Qualities that Make a Competent Roofer Excel - Look for These

It’s been said that good help is hard to find — and finding great help is even harder. This is probably true across most industries. However, when it comes to your roof, you don’t want to take any chances on who’s working on, in and around your home. Look for the following qualities and criteria in your roofers to know you’ve made the right choice.

Certified Roofers

More than ever, today’s roofing materials and designs are geared for greater durability, energy efficiency and reduced environmental footprint. This means your roofer needs to stay abreast of the latest technologies and installation, maintenance and repair best practices for the greatest results.

Further, some new roof warranties are only available if installed by factory-certified roofers that have proven their merit, skills and integrity. Ask prospective contractors for their certifications and credentials to ensure a job well done and your peace of mind.

Accurate Estimates

Estimates can vary widely from one roofing company to the next. Wouldn’t you like an explanation? Insist on it! Part of a roofer’s job is to educate you on what your roof needs, your options and what the roofer considers your best option based on his or her expertise and experience.

It’s always a good idea to get at least three estimates. Not only are you going to receive different pricing quotes, you may very well see different work orders. One company may suggest a roof replacement, for example, while another company may say repairing is fine.

There are many variables in play, such as the age of your roof, its condition and the experience, judgment and integrity of your roofer. If your roofer isn’t making sense to you and if you’re not learning anything, move on to the next roofing estimator.

Great Customer Service

Customer service extends far beyond good phone etiquette. When you need roofing work done, you’re opening your door to a company and its employees — your greatest investment inside and out. Your roofer should be attentive to your needs and situation, whether an annual roof inspection or emergency roofing services.

A great roofing company delivers the services you need, makes sure you understand everything clearly and gives it to you in writing. Great communication, and trained, skilled and certified roofers equals great customer service for you.
If you want to work with professional roofers that exhibit these qualities, please contact us at Bill West Roofing today!

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