3 Things to Know When Preparing to Replace Shingles

3 Things to Know When Preparing to Replace Shingles

3 Things to Know When Preparing to Replace Shingles

Perhaps you’ve noticed broken or curled shingles on your roof while inspecting it from a distance. You may have found shingle material on the ground or granules from asphalt shingles in rain gutters after a heavy rain and wind storm. You may look up and see a tree limb protruding from your roof.

These signs indicate that your shingle roof needs an inspection and possible shingle replacement. You can safely inspect your attic or crawl space to look for leaks that would suggest more serious roof damage.

Use a professional

Shingle replacement is a job for a professional roofer. Do not climb on the roof yourself. A professional roofing company has the equipment to reach all areas of your roof safely. Trained professionals use eye protection, shoes, gloves, secure ladders, and even cranes for access to steep pitched roofs.

Professional roofers are trained to walk on roofs wearing the proper safety equipment. They know exactly what to look for in broken, cracked, or curled shingles. They will give you an accurate estimate of the necessary repairs.

Address all aspects of the roof

It is necessary to know the condition of the underlaying deck and if it needs repairing. This is another reason for using a professional roofing repair service. Asphalt composite shingle material can be recycled. Your professional roof repair technician will know how and where to dispose of old shingles.

Consider flashing areas or sealed areas

Flashing and sealants may also need repairs or replacement. The flashing helps to seal sections of the roof that may have a chimney, vent, skylight or dormer windows. Shingles that have broken and come loose from that area may be attached under the flashing strips. This is a complex job that is easy for a professional roofing technician.

Bill West Roofing has worked with Kansas City, Missouri area homeowners for over 35 years with shingle replacement. Our professional roof technicians have several certifications. We like to use CertainTeed Landmark shingles made in Jonesburg, Missouri. This supports a local industry known nationwide for superior quality.

Contact us for immediate repairs if you suspect that heavy weather has damaged your shingle roof.

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