3 Ways Roofing Warranties Work for You

When selecting a roofer, Kansas City homeowners should consider the available roofing warranties. Warranties offer many benefits to Kansas City property owners, but did you know they also give you insight into the quality of the roofing company?

Manufacturers’ Warranties

The legal department of a roofing materials company created the manufacturer’s warranty. It is legal protection—for the manufacturer. It warrants the manufacturer’s product for a specific time under specific conditions. It is still good protection for the homeowner, however, because it spells out the manufacturer’s replacement responsibilities, if defective materials cause your Kansas City home’s roof to leak or fail.

Manufacturer’s warranties are generally offered in several grades of coverage, with the highest levels—the ones offered by a roofer Kansas City homeowners want to work with—available only to the very best roofing contractors, such as Bill West Roofing, Inc. This is because the manufacturer knows and trusts the quality of installation and craftsmanship that contractor provides. The manufacturer knows the roofing contractor will use roofing materials correctly, avoiding shortcuts that could create an expensive claim for the manufacturer.

When checking a manufacturer’s warranty, read it thoroughly, even if that means an awkward ten minutes at the dining table with a salesman awaiting your decision. Specific protections are outlined in the warranty, along with specific responsibilities for the homeowner—care, maintenance, and often a clause to work exclusively with a roofer approved by the manufacturer.

Contractors’ Warranties

The type of trustworthy roofer Kansas City property owners should seek out usually offers a labor warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. This contractor’s warranty covers labor and workmanship, but not the materials.

The Best of Both

Some manufacturers extend to their best contractors an umbrella warranty that combines materials and labor in a single plan. This is the strongest type of warranty. By having the manufacturer assume responsibility for labor and materials, the Kansas City homeowner is doubly protected–individual contractors may come and go, but the manufacturer will still be in business.

When the time comes to select a roofing contractor, turn to a roofer Kansas City homeowners and manufacturers alike have trusted for years. Bill West Roofing, Inc. is privileged to offer the SureStart PLUS™ 5-Star Coverage, CertainTeed’s highest level of warranty. This is a 50-year, non-pro-rated coverage with 25 years of workmanship coverage. You can get no finer warranty or greater protection for your Kansas City home’s roof.

Contact Bill West Roofing when you are in the market for a new roof replacement.


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