3 Ways to Prepare for Emergency Roof Repair

3 Ways to Prepare for Emergency Roof Repair

3 Ways to Prepare for Emergency Roof Repair

Emergencies can come in many different forms so it is important to always be prepared. When it comes to your home and your roof, the majority of damage will come from storms, debris, and wind.

  • Storms bring lighting, hail, high winds, and rain. All of these are capable of damaging your roof.
  • Debris can come from trees that are too close to the house, or it can be kicked up from the ground by high winds.
  • Wind damage can pull up tiles and shingles, and pull gutters away from the edge, causing damage to the roof.

Now that you know the risks, here are three ways to be better prepared for emergency roof repair:

Assess and Repair

Before you make a plan, the first thing to do is to assess the roof and make any repairs that are needed. Make a visual inspection all the way around your home inside and out. Look for damaged or missing shingles, areas where the roof or gutters have pulled away from your home, and areas that could be causing water to pool or leak. Inspect inside your home, look for possible discoloration in the ceiling, bubbles in tiles and other obvious signs of leaks. Once you have made a visual inspection, request an official inspection from an experienced roofer who not only knows what to look for, but will do it with the required safety equipment needed to get up on your roof.

Make a Plan

Once your roof has been inspected and any necessary repairs have been made, it is time to plan ahead for any emergency roof repairs. Set up a checklist to perform every six months, or after a heavy storm. The checklist should include:

  • Shingles that are missing, damaged, or moved
  • Cracked caulk around flashing or vent pipes
  • Missing caps or vent cages
  • Piles of debris or clogged gutters
  • Any evidence of leaking water inside the home

Plan for the Worst

We cannot always be prepared for everything, but if we over prepare then the major damage may seem minor. Have a roofer you trust like Bill West on call for any emergency roof repair that may come up. You can contact Bill West Roofing today for inspections, repairs, and new roof installation.

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