5 Exterior Design Ideas for Your Home

If you are planning to remodel the exterior of your Kansas City home you may want to consult landscapers, designers, masons, and roofers as they are likely to be involved in your remodel. However, when deciding what kind of an impression you want your home to make, it’s good to have a few ideas before getting others involved.

Here are 5 exterior features to consider when planning your exterior remodel:

  • Water features – A water feature can be anything from a fountain to a bird bath to a pond. Water is considered a very soothing element to add to your landscape and can provide a focal point for your design.
  • Landscaping – This is really about deciding on the overall design of your yard or garden. What sorts of things would you like to incorporate into the design? Maybe a shady area where you can sit and read in the summer? Maybe there are features of your home of which you are especially proud. The right landscaping can accent your home. These are things to take note of and talk to your designer about.
  • Hardscaping – Hardscaping is anything that involves stones, bricks, pavers, etc. This means walls, retaining walls, walkways, and patios. Well-done hardscaping will enhance the appearance and value of your home.
  • Lighting – Lighting should definitely not be overlooked. Of course you want lighting for security purposes, but there are also many ways to use lighting to accentuate the best parts of your home and landscape. The right lighting can make a house look quite elegant.
  • Outdoor Spaces – If you have an existing porch or deck, adding a nice outdoor rug, a hanging swing or nice seating area, with additional outdoor lighting, will create a nice inviting extended living area to your home.

While it is important to have the right designer, roofer, landscaper, and contractors on your team when upgrading the exterior of your Kansas City home, it is also important to do a little research beforehand so that you have an idea of what you want. This will give them a place to start and will help to ensure that you are happy with the end product.

In addition to the above design ideas, when your house needs a roof replacement, having your roofer install a roof in a color or style that complements the other features of your house will add great curb appeal and pop to your home.

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