How Often May You Need A Roof Replacement?

How Often May You Need A Roof Replacement?

How Often May You Need A Roof Replacement?

Are you concerned your roof needs a replacement sooner rather than later? If you are, it is essential to engage a professional roofer in your area. Newly installed roofs can last up to 20 years or more. The durability depends on the materials used, quality of installation, and weather. 

However, like most things, your roof will eventually outlive its lifespan. You’ll probably need minor roof repair services before a replacement is warranted. However, there’s no precise answer to how often roof replacement is necessary. Each case is different, so you should talk to your roofer to determine when your roof should be replaced.

When to Replace Your Roof 

Many things determine whether or not you need a new roof. Some issues are evident, while others require the assessment of a qualified roofer. How often you replace your roof will mostly depend on these four reasons:

  1. Weakening Material Quality: There are many residential roofing materials. Common examples include asphalt shingles, metal, clay tile, wood shake, and slate. Metal roofs will last the longest, but most materials are durable. All you need is a roofer inspection to determine if everything is in good condition. If the roofing materials are out of shape, you may need a replacement.
  2. Poor Installation Quality: A properly installed roof will last for many years. However, you’ll face various issues if the roofers did a poor job. You will possibly even need a roof replacement well before you would when working with a reliable roofer.
  3. Old Roof and Exposure: Aging roofs nearing the end of their lifecycle will require more repairs. It is vital to know when to request roof replacement to avoid costly fixes. You can schedule an inspection if you can’t tell your roof’s age. Exposure to such things as heat, cold, and storms can also speed up the depreciation rate, resulting in early breakdowns.
  4. Accidents: It is vital to call in an expert roofer when faced with an emergency (storm, fallen tree branches, water damage, fire accidents, and moving foundations, etc.). Emergency roofers would be the ideal team to hire, and they’ll help you determine whether or not you need a replacement.

There are various other reasons why you may consider roof replacement. Upgrading to an energy-efficient roof with extra insulation is worth it if you spend more on energy bills. Ensure you hire reputable roofers who understand your needs and preferences.

Are you pondering replacing your roof? Maybe you need a roof inspection, repair, or maintenance services. Contact Bill West Roofing in Lee’s Summit, MO, to find out more.

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