a house with the caption How Are New Seamless Gutters Attached To My House?

7 Actions Which Will Void Your Roof Warranty

a house with the caption How Are New Seamless Gutters Attached To My House?

When you have a new roof installed, you take comfort in knowing it will come with a workmanship warranty from the contractor and a manufacturer’s warranty for the materials. The roof warranties provide a certain level of protection from faulty products and costly repairs or replacements.

Sometimes, however, homeowners take actions which void their roof warranty, making it useless when problems covered by the warranty arise. Here are 7 common causes of a voided roof warranty.

1. Improper Installation

Roofing manufacturers are highly selective when it comes to how their roofing materials should be installed. They have specific directions about installation, including the length of the nails used, the number of nails per shingle, and more. If you choose a less qualified roofer who cuts corners, makes rookie mistakes, or disregards the specifications, you’ll be looking at a voided warranty. 

For this reason, be sure to hire a reliable local roofing contractor familiar with the type of roof they’re installing and are committed to following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

2. Improper Ventilation

Proper roof ventilation is a critical part of ensuring your roof lasts as long as possible. The ventilation system works by allowing a continual flow of air through the attic, preventing moisture accumulation and a hot roof.

  • Heat from your living space builds up in your attic. This causes shingles to overheat, become brittle, and wear out prematurely, which will create a spiral of additional damage.
  • Trapped moisture creates the ideal environment for the growth of mold and mildew in the attic.
  • In the winter, improper ventilation can lead to ice dams, which lead to water damage.

These kinds of roof damage will not be covered by the warranty.

3. Improper Insulation

Traditionally, homes are insulated with cellulose or fiberglass insulation. However, spray foam insulation, a combination of resin and chemicals, is chosen for cost. As the insulation is sprayed, the foam expands and hardens into a super-dense blanket filling the entire area it is applied to.

Spray foam insulation is applied directly to the roof sheathing and covers everything thoroughly, including the roof vents. The lack of ventilation creates a hot roof, which will cause the temperature of your shingles to rise, their lifespan to be significantly reduced, and their color to fade.

4. Pressure Washing

You like a clean roof free of moss, grime, algae, grease, and debris, right? Moss and debris can damage your roof over time because they tend to trap moisture on the surface of the roof.

Pressure washing may be the first solution you think of when you want a clean roof. While it gives immediate and drastic results, pressure washing can nullify your roof warranty. 

Shingles are not designed to withstand the close range of the cleaning process, and the high-pressure setting can dislodge granules protecting shingles from UV rays. If you must have your roof cleaned, contact a roofing contractor to help you clean it safely and effectively.

5. Installing a New Roof Over an Old One

Some contractors will install new shingles over the old ones because it’s less labor-intensive than a complete tear-off. But layering new shingles over old ones can cost you more over time. It also voids your warranty. Without tearing the old roof off, your roofer won’t be able to inspect the underlying materials to see if they’re deteriorating.

Reroofing can shorten the service life of your new roof. The additional weight can lead to sagging over time, compromising the structural integrity of your home.

6. Antennas and Satellite Dishes

Antennas and satellite dishes are great for watching your favorite channels, but they can void your roof warranty, depending on the fine print. Installing these items typically involves drilling holes in your roof, which can cause roof leaks when not done properly. The water infiltration can lead to extensive water damage to your roof and home. Before installing an antenna or satellite dish to your roof, read your warranty closely and contact your roofer.

7. Additions to Your Roof

Fixtures such as solar panels and skylights involve major roofing which, if not done right, can void your roof warranty. Installing these fixtures includes drilling, removing shingles, and cutting away a portion of your roof.

Does this mean you can’t add any fixtures to your roof? No. It simply means you should have your roofing contractor coordinating with the technician installing the fixture to ensure the measures required to keep your warranty intact are followed.

Reliable Shingle Roof Replacement

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