Amazing Ideas For Leftover Shingles


As your roof gets older and more repairs have to be done, old shingles can easily pile up if not taken away with your roofing contractor. On the other hand, after your new roof is done, there will also be many shingles to try to get rid of. Why not try something different and better for the environment than simply throwing them away?

Fun Ideas

  • Build a pathway with used shingles. Lay them over a mulch path for a sturdy and unique looking walkway.
  • Re-install the shingles a dog house or on storage sheds
  • Make a doormat; you can paint each shingle a different color or you could paint scenes or words on them too.
  • Build a birdhouse out of leftover shingles of any kind.
  • To prevent weeds from growing, place shingles around your plants.


Asphalt roofing shingles can be a tricky thing to recycle. However, you can find a place near you where shingles can be recycled on and . In many states, construction crews don’t have ways to recycle the leftover shingles from jobs, so the used shingles get sent to landfills. If dumped, asphalt shingles can be very harmful to the environment. When the asphalt is recycled, it can be turned into many useful things such as paving materials or roadways, making new shingles, and producing fuel.


Save a bundle of already used, but not too badly beaten up, shingles to use in an emergency if your roof needs quick repair. Therefore, you will always know that you have shingles that match your roof’s color especially if your supplier does not carry that type anymore. Be careful where you store them; they should be kept in a cool area where there is not much moisture in the air. Another idea may be to lay down asphalt shingles around your work area when you are changing the oil in your car. The shingles will absorb the oil and keep it out of sight.

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