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Is Your Roofer Accredited by the BBB?

An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is hard to earn. It requires a lot of attention, insight, and customer service by the rated company. When choosing a roofing contractor, keep an eye out for those who have earned and maintained this high rating – chances are, they’ll deliver their promised results on every project they undertake.

How does the BBB Work?

The Better Business Bureau serves as a hub of information to protect consumers from fraud, low-quality products, and bad service.  Within the BBB website, a consumer or customer of a particular business can provide either a positive or negative report of the company. The company is given the opportunity to respond – and communication lines are publicly available for anyone to track just how well the company responds to negative feedback.

How a company maintains a high rating

No business is perfect. Complaints will be made against even the most impeccable company.  To maintain a high rating with the BBB, a company must have positive reviews and be able to resolve the complaints listed against them.

For a roofing contractor, this often means educating a dissatisfied client on why, exactly, we could not perform the work they needed (damaged siding, chimneys, or ice dams can appear like an “obvious” roof leak – but nothing done to the roof will correct this problem).  At other times, it means we explain the situation from our perspective, and work with the client to find acceptable resolution.

In all cases it means putting a lot of time and effort into client correspondence to make sure every experience with our company is a good one.

An A+ rating means…

An A+ rating requires that there is no unresolved history of complaint against a roofing contractor.

Advertising or sales – No false advertising allowed here! A roofing company will not mislead you about its services and employees.  Some contractors have been known to falsely claim BBB accreditation, so be sure to check for a local listing that confirms their claim.

Billing and collection – No full upfront payments or hidden charges. Payment terms and schedules should be agreed upon prior to the project and put in a contract.

Product or service problems – The materials purchased and the work done in your project will be done exactly as stated in the contract. No changes will be made along the way without your approval.

Delivery – Roofing projects are started and finished on time.

Guaranty and warranty reliability – The warranty that comes with your new roof is the one that you can trust to pull through if something happens.

Great effects of the BBB model

A public forum, when moderated professional, can help raise the bar of service. This translates into:

Competent customer service – Your questions are answered amicably and professionally. In an everyday project, you can expect to be updated along the way – so you know exactly how it progresses.

Reasonable payment terms – No reliable contractor will ask for the full payment upfront. If you are paying out of pocket, there may be some flexibility on payment terms.

Timely project completion – Projects completed on time merits a high rating on client satisfaction. Look for roofers that aim to finish their roofing projects according to schedule.

Bill West Roofing has an A+ rating with the BBB.

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Originally published: Dec. 17, 2012
Information updated: July 21, 2015

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