Why CertainTeed Has Your Best Residential Roofing Options

Why CertainTeed Has Your Best Residential Roofing Options

Why CertainTeed Has Your Best Residential Roofing Options

The quality of CertainTeed shingles is top of the line. CertainTeed has a large selection of asphalt shingle products, including the most luxurious shingle lines, mid-grade dimensional or architectural shingles, as well as the basic strip or 3-tab shingles. The brand’s Landmark PRO roofing shingles are traditional architectural shingles designed to appear complete and more dimensional than the flattish-looking 3-tab shingles. Additionally, dimensional shingles are thicker and heavier compared to the basic 3-tab strip shingles.

Benefits of CertainTeed Shingles 

CertainTeed roofing shingles have a lot of praise across the nation because of their integrity and durability. Like many leading brands, CertainTeed makes products for every layer of the roof, from the deck to the ridge cap shingles. Here are some outstanding benefits of CertainTeed roofing shingles:


CertainTeed shingles offer great quality and durability. The expected lifespan of CertainTeed shingles is 30-50 years for most lines. These shingles also offer good impact resistance, with 11 shingle lines coming with premium impact warranties. The XT30 IR is among the few impact-resistant 3-tab shingle options available. Additionally, CertainTeed shingles provide better resistance to algae and staining as they feature granules with algae-fighting copper. In terms of wind resistance, the heavier weight keep the shingles in place in high winds. You will get a 60 mph warranty for most 3-tab shingles and 110 mph warranties on all others.

Excellent Warranty

CertainTeed has upgraded its product guarantee with the majority of lines having a lifetime warranty against defects. Currently, CertainTeed ranks with GAF’s warranty offerings among the best. Besides, the warranty now has fewer exclusions than before and longer starting periods without proration. 

To maximize your warranty, you can purchase extended coverage for a complete Integrity Roofing System to cover labor and tear-offs for the following star levels:

  • 20 years for 3 Star warranty
  • 50 years with disposal for 4 Star warranty
  • 50 years with the disposal and extra coverage on workmanship for 5 Star warranty

Design Options

CertainTeed has the best selection of luxury shingles, staking itself out as the leading manufacturer of super-premium asphalt shingles. Common lines include Grand Manor, Carriage House, Belmont, Arcadia Shake, and Presidential Shake. The brand also produces TL super-premium shingles with Triple-Laminate and three layers for superior durability, visual dimensionality, and longevity.

Color Options

CertainTeed’s XT 25 3-tab strip shingles are available in nearly 30 impressive colors. The XT 30 IR is also available in 9 colors. A popular line with homeowners are the dimensional lines of standard Landmark shingles with over 30 available color choices. 

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