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How Do I Budget for a Roof?

A roof in Kansas City takes a fair share of abuse as it defends your home against the elements. Because of this important task, it is extremely important to regularly maintain your roof and replace it when it no longer effectively does it job. A general estimate for the cost of a roof replacement in northern central states in 2014 cost between $18,913 and $34,495. Although this price is extremely fluctuating, there is no doubt that a roof is a large yet worthwhile investment. For your convenience, we have compiled some budgeting tips.  As one of the roofing companies with financing in Kansas City, we are extremely conscious of our client’s finances, and would like to recommend that you begin budgeting as soon as possible for your home:

Budgeting for a Roof

attic ventilation kansas city blue springs missouri install new repair roofDo your homework. Before you begin saving money for a new roof, learn how much a new system will cost. There are some roofing companies with financing in Kansas City that include a plan for your entire re-roofing project, including:

  • Existing roof assembly
  • Roof deck and insulation type and condition
  • Structural concerns
  • Current drainage deficiencies and water overflow provisions
  • Obsolete fixtures
  • The need raise or re-mount roof equipment onto new supports
  • Current roof-mounted equipment that need remounting
  • Deterioration on adjacent surfaces, like walls
  • Building codes

Know your current budget. Before you can budget for a roof, you need to know what your current budget is. To do this, add your monthly fixed (e.g., mortgage payments and utility bills) and non-fixed (e.g., gas and eating out) expenses together and compare it to your monthly salary. The difference between the two is the amount that you can save every month toward your financial goals.

roofing companies with financing in kansas citySave money every month in a dedicated roofing fund. If your roof is relatively new, you may have over a decade to save enough money for a new system. For a $19,000 roof, for example, you’d need to save $150 per month for 10.5 years to pay for the structure with cash.

If you don’t have as much time to save enough cash for a new roof, it may be a good idea to consider roofing companies with financing in Kansas City. After learning about the cost of a new roof, regularly set aside money for a down payment.

Don’t forget about emergency roof repairs. Don’t let the cost of an unpredicted roofing repair catch you or your budget off guard. Just as you budget and save for a new roof, put a bit of money aside every month for roof repairs. Talk to your insurance agent, too, and learn exactly what damage your homeowner’s insurance covers and the deductibles.

If you would like help with financing specific to your needs, contact Bill West Roofing today – we are more than happy to help!

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