Certainteed Plant Landmark Shingles Made in Missouri

Certainteed Plant Landmark Shingles Made in Missouri

Certainteed Plant Landmark Shingles Made in Missouri

Here at Bill West Roofing, we are extremely proud and excited to say that we use Certainteed shingles. Recently, Certainteed built a plant in our home state of Missouri that has been in the works for 3 years. By supporting a local shingle plant, we are also supporting our community, and the 80 jobs that the plant created.

Three Years Earlier

It all started in the summer heat of July 2013, when ground was broken in Jonesburg. We couldn’t have been more excited when we heard the news: our manufacturer would be building a distribution and manufacturing facility right in our home state. We knew we were going to support such a well-balanced, collaborative, and quality manufacturer from the beginning.

June 7th, 2016

On the night of the grand opening for the Certainteed Roofing plant, we stood alongside many other contractors and special guests, including Governor Nixon, at the ribbon cutting. With a 60,000 square-foot facility to make their quality shingles, and a 150,000 square foot product warehouse, everyone is pleased that the project is in its final stage and work can start right away.

Supporting Our Community

With the 80 employees that Certainteed hired in the development of this shingle plant, we are overjoyed to say that we support this company. Certainteed supports building jobs as well as building communities, and we couldn’t agree more; that is why we continue to stand with Certainteed.

Leading Manufacturers

Not only did we choose Certainteed because our ethics match theirs, but we also chose them for the excellence of their products. They have continued to be part of a group of roofing manufacturers that holds a leading spot for product sales in residential, commercial and solar roofing. Certainteed has leading industry standards, so you can rest assured their products will have you covered.

At Bill West Roofing, we support our home state shingle manufacturer because we know the more we support local companies, the more we both can give back to our communities.

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