Are the certainteed siding benefits what you're looking for?

Are The CertainTEED Siding Benefits What You’re Looking For?

Are the certainteed siding benefits what you're looking for?

Nothing looks so shabby on a Kansas City house as old, faded, peeling siding.

With today’s modern alternatives to clapboard, shiplap, or drop channel wood siding, you need not worry about scraping, priming and painting ever again. So long as you choose a superior manufacturer and a great, local installer, you will be happy with your new siding.


A superior manufacturer for vinyl siding is CertainTeed, the same company which makes reliable, sturdy CertainTeed fiberglass asphalt shingles. You may remember flimsy vinyl siding from decades ago; this new, highly engineered product is completely different.

From CEDARBOARDS™ insulated siding to MAINSTREET™ panels, CertainTeed produces a vinyl siding product right for your home. You can get a cedar look, classic Victorian, or simple clapboard styling in any of the four product lines.

Composition and Color

Vinyl siding from CertainTeed is made with the homeowner in mind. It cleans with soap and water; no need for fancy cleaning products or expensive specialists. No scraping, repainting, caulking or sealing needed, ever!

The vinyl is either pure virgin polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a mix of reclaimed (recycled) and virgin vinyl, depending on the product line you choose. CertainTeed offers “green” solutions for the environmentally conscious homeowner, plus the strong appeal of siding with insulation built into the product for energy efficiency.

Color choices with CertainTeed seem limited only by your imagination. The company offers the widest array of modern colors in the industry. CertainTeed was the first to introduce unique, darker shades in its siding line. All CertainTeed vinyl siding products feature PermaColor™ Lifetime Fade Protection. CertainTeed has a broad choice of styles to complement any architectural design, and the company was the first manufacturer to produce siding using a direct transfer system based on real cedar boards for natural finishes.

Professional Grade

CertainTeed vinyl siding is made to high standards for easy installation, but not by just anyone. It requires a professional’s touch. With training from the manufacturer, entire crews of highly skilled craftsmen can transform your Kansas City home from eyesore to showplace.

CertainTeed provides strong warranties on all its products. For vinyl siding, the lifetime limited warranty protecting you against manufacturing defects and hail damage for the entire time you own your home.

With so many colors and styles to select from, you will find the right look for your Kansas City home and discover for yourself why so many happy homeowners chose CertainTeed vinyl siding over any other manufacturer.

Custom Creativity

With CertainTeed vinyl siding, you get a full system professionally installed and beautifully finished. In addition to the siding in a wide range of finishes, you also can have color-coordinated trim which accentuates your new board and batten, clapboard, or shakes.

In addition to vinyl trim, you can appoint your home with vinyl soffit panels, combinations of great-looking textures, and a veritable rainbow of beautiful colors, including darker tones not commonly found in vinyl siding.

All CertainTeed vinyl siding choices provide the same colorfast Lifetime Fade Protection. This is an owner lifetime warranty against color fading beyond normal weathering, a comforting insurance not normally found in vinyl siding from other manufacturers.

Value Added

Besides the immediate boost to your ego from giving your whole home a facelift, adding beautiful vinyl siding can also boost curb appeal and strengthen your home’s lasting value.

The experts at Cost Versus Value show that, for 2018, siding replacement in the Kansas City area will return more than 72 percent of its cost at resale time. This makes it the fourth most rewarding remodeling project a Kansas City homeowner can take on, out of a selection of 22 projects!

Clean Sweep

Vinyl siding has always been notable for its easy maintenance. Unlike traditional wood siding, you never have to scrape, sand, prime and repaint vinyl siding. The color is literally baked through the material, so minor scuffs and scrapes never reveal a harsh undercoat, as with aluminum siding.

Cleaning your siding annually with old-fashioned soap, water, and a soft brush will keep it looking beautiful for years to come. No need for hiring pressure washing crews or outside specialists — in fact, most siding manufacturers caution against high-pressure cleaning. The potential for water infiltration is too great.

Local Hero

CertainTeed products are made entirely in North America, with the bulk of manufacturing done right here in the United States. This means your vinyl siding could come from any of 60 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. or Canada. With that many factories, CertainTeed is the local product available on a national scale.

For expert service, planning, and installation depend on Bill West Roofing, your local CertainTeed siding company. We will be your trusted partner to help protect your Kansas City home. Contact Bill West Roofing today to learn more about CertainTeed vinyl siding.

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