Common Storm Damage Repairs On Commercial Flat Roofs

Common Storm Damage Repairs On Commercial Flat Roofs

Common Storm Damage Repairs On Commercial Flat Roofs

Kansas City, MO is known for getting some pretty nasty storms and when they roll through the area, you are likely worried about your commercial property.

Storm damage repair is part of your job as the person who oversees the building. If you have a flat roof, you might be even more concerned. Here are a few of the most common storm damage repair items that you might encounter after a bad storm.

Repair 1: Leak Issues

Any storm can cause a roof to leak and this is the most common problem to arise on a flat roof. Flying debris can puncture holes into your waterproof membrane. High winds can work to pull seams and any small punctures into a gaping problem. Leaks and lingering rainwater can be dealt with easily with small repairs if you get on it quickly.

Repair 2: Flashing Problems

Flat roofs can expand and contract when the weather changes and the temperatures fluctuate. As time goes by, this can lead the flashing to pull away from the edge of the roof. That will cause leaks and trapped moisture, which causes serious damage.

Repair 3: Pooling Water

Since the roof is flat, storm damage repair might require attention to water pools on the roof. There’s nowhere for the water to go since it’s flat, but pooling water can cause moisture issues that can shorten the life of the roof.

How Do You Know You Need Storm Damage Repair?

As the building manager, it can be hard to know if you need storm damage repair or not. Sometimes, it’s obvious when you see a leak springing inside. Other times, you can’t see anything from the ground and it’s not a good idea to climb up on the roof to check. Have a professional come in and do an inspection to see if you need anything. You may not spot everything yourself with your untrained eye even if you can see some areas.

How Can You Get Repairs?

There are some repairs that sound minor and you might consider cutting corners and doing them yourself. That’s never a good idea as storm damage repair on a flat roof is dangerous, especially for someone who doesn’t do it on a regular basis. You don’t want to endanger the safety of your building, either. It’s best to have professional help.

If you need a roof assessment or storm damage repair, contact Bill West Roofing of Kansas City, MO. We know what storms can do to flat roofs in this area!

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