Commonly Neglected Damages on Your Roof

neglected damges on your roof kansas city blue springs install new repair missouriCommonly Neglected Damages on Your Roof

Many homeowners mistakenly think that there’s nothing wrong with their roof since there’s no leaking or visibly missing shingles. We don’t want you committing the same mistakes. It’s never a good idea to be complacent, especially with the condition of your roof.

Even if your roof doesn’t sport the most obvious signs of damage – leaking, missing shingles – it’s still a good idea to have it checked regularly.  At Bill West Roofing, we can check your roof for these commonly neglected damages on residential Kansas City roofs:

  • Blown off chimney caps
    High winds, which are common in Kansas City during storms, can dislodge and blow off chimney caps. While not necessarily a part of your roof, blown off chimney caps allow water to get into the pipes and compromise your entire roofing system. We can replace these chimney caps for you and inspect your roof for more wind-induced damage.
  • Animal damage
    Animals can cause severe damage to your roof. They can burrow in by chewing holes on your roof or making existing ones bigger. We can patch up ruined underlayment and cover exposed decking.  You’ll want to get rid of them before doing any repairs, though.
  • Smashed roof vents
    Walking on your roof can damage important parts, especially when you don’t know where to step. Roof vents are frequent casualties when homeowners decide to step on their roofs. They get smashed due to the added weight. Tree branches can also do a number on them. While it doesn’t directly affect your roof’s watertight qualities, it does hinder proper ventilation in your attic. We can replace these vents for you and see about improving your roof’s ventilation.

The Largest Thing that most people in Kansas City roofing don’t know about there roof is that poor workmanship is the problem in the Kansas City roofing market.  Most of our leaks we see are due to wrong installs or improper installs of there roof.  Typically lease will not leak for a few years but after the Kansas City roofing Contractor finished there project and they warranty expires this is when the problems shows it ugly head!

These are just three of the common problems plaguing residential roofs in Kansas City.  For more information contact us today!

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