How To Understand What Goes Into The Cost Of A Roof Replacement

How To Understand What Goes Into The Cost Of A Roof Replacement

How To Understand What Goes Into The Cost Of A Roof Replacement

Although new roofs can last several years before requiring an upgrade, they ultimately get old. It is essential to determine the ideal time to complete a roof replacement. More importantly, you should know how much roof replacement costs and what goes into the estimate. Whether you need a new roof replacement or need roofing contractors for a new ground-up building, it is vital to plan your budget.

How a New Roof Replacement is Estimated

The roofing project is different for each home, so there’s no standard cost of replacing a roof. Many factors affect how much you’ll end up spending on a new roof. The most crucial include:

  • House Height: It will take more labor to get materials and the crew on your roof if there are multiple stories. Some homes also have complex roof designs which require finer detail work.
  • Size: Roofs with larger square footage require more material. More material can take longer to install. The square footage for your roof isn’t necessarily the same as your living space. For example, a ranch-style roof and a two-story house can have the same square footage inside, each roof will be a different size due to how the home is laid out.
  • Pitch: Roofs pitched at a steeper angle are harder to navigate and require greater safety precautions.
  • Roof Layers: What goes under your roof shingles and the number of layers required directly impact the replacement cost. Sometimes more decking has to be replaced or a home may have multiple layers of shingles already installed. Both of these will extend the length of the roof replacement.
  • Material Choice: Roofing materials vary in cost, translating to unique cost per square.
  • Service Scope: Some roofing jobs include replacing flashing or adding ventilation. Some contractors charge extra for debris removal after the project is complete but don’t tell you until later. These should be factored in when estimating the cost of your roof replacement. 

Other factors affect the cost of roof replacement, such as location and season. Some contractors also have more years of experience or offer better customer service. Emergency roofing may also incur additional charges. It is essential to go over your estimate so you know what is covered for your roof replacement job.

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