Decorate Now for the Upcoming Holidays!

When fall arrives, you know the holiday season is not far behind. It’s the perfect time to tackle outdoor holiday decorating for your Kansas City home. By decorating early in warmer weather, you don’t have to worry about climbing ladders to attach decorations to your shingle roofing in the cold and snow.  Here are some ideas we would like to share for decorating the exterior of your home.

Decorative Lighting

  • Trees – Add strings of soft lighting to your trees for an inviting, festive atmosphere throughout the holidays. You can find strings of lights in a variety of fun styles like ghosts and bats, acorns and pumpkins, colorful Japanese lanterns and tiny twinkling stars. To make decorating easy, choose something that will work with all the holidays, such as twinkling white lights.
  • Walkways – Line your walkways with glowing shrubs. Lay coiled Christmas light strands next to the walkway on top of the grass, then insert branches or twigs through and over the lights to create a glowing bush appearance. Tip: Instead of buying new lights, use last year’s lights that are all tangled up, they’re perfect!.
  • Christmas Lights – Take advantage of fall’s warmer weather to install your Christmas lights on your Kansas City shingle roofing as winter weather and snow can create dangerous conditions for installing the lights during the Christmas season. For advice on the best way to install Christmas lights on your roof without damaging the shingles, talk to Bill West Roofing.

Holiday Decoration Ideas

  • Window Boxes – Choose a style that compliments your home, then fill it with holiday decorations to fit the season like goblins for Halloween, gourds for Thanksgiving, and evergreens for Christmas. Tip: Use a liner or individual pots inside the window box for easier decorating change-outs.
  • Mailboxes – Give your Kansas City home a warm welcome by attaching a pretty swag of pine to your mailbox, then embellish it with holiday garland, pine cones, berries, colorful ribbons, and ornaments. If it snows, the snow will only enhance the holiday appeal.
  • Holiday Urns – Find a couple of large urns that work on your front porch, then fill them with bamboo, twigs, or wooden poles. Using wires, attach appropriate holiday decorations to the stalks. For Christmas, replace the stalks with large candy canes, then tie a big red ribbon around the top of the urn.
  • Porch Candles – Turn inexpensive glass cylinders into miniature luminaries that line your front porch. Place a holiday candle (flameless, for safety) inside each cylinder, then fill the space around the candle with shredded straw or fake snow, miniature pumpkins or Christmas ornaments, berries, or pine cones.

Autumn is a great time to prepare for the upcoming holidays, as outside decorating is also a great excuse to spend more time enjoying the gorgeous changing leaves.  If you have any questions while hanging your Christmas lights around your roofing, please calls us at Bill West Roofing for tips – and remember to practice good safety rules while up on those ladders.

Bill West Roofing is a full-service roofing company.  If you are ever in need of repairs to your shingle roofing, contact Bill West Roofing today.

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