Don’t Let Winter’s Abuse Destroy Your Roof

Ice Damage Kansas City Roofing

If this winter was rough on you, imagine what kind of shape your roof might be in after the ice and snow abuse heaped on by Mother Nature this winter. To determine if your Kansas City home is in need of roof repair, as the homeowner you can perform a post-winter roof inspection to pinpoint issues before damages occur inside your home.

Some Things to Check For:

  • Shingles – Identify lifted, curled, damaged, or missing shingles as well as roofing granules in your yard. These are signs of weakness and deterioration that could allow water into your home and indicate a need for roof repair.
  • Roof Staining – If you notice irregular coloring on your roof, have it professionally inspected for causes such as rusty nails, algae and more. Bill West Roofing experts can address staining and structural issues properly without affecting your warranty.
  • Ceiling Staining – If the ceiling inside your home is stained, this indicates water damage and a need for immediate roof repair.
  • Flashing Issues – Kansas City residents with loose, detached, or cracked flashing (the metal around chimneys, pipes, and other protrusions), may suffer wood rot or water damage inside the home if not efficiently addressed.
  • Gutters – Regularly check and clear gutters, providing a clear pathway for snow, ice, and rain. Clogged gutters damage trim and allow water into your home.
  • Downspouts – Remove leaves and debris from exterior drains to prevent backups.

Quickly addressing problems is essential. There are several things you as a homeowner can do until a roofing company can come out and repair your roof.

Protect Your Roof Until Proper Repairs Can Be Made:

  • Flashing Fix – Use a piece of aluminum flashing for small holes. Place the flashing under the nearest intact shingle, above the damage. Hold the lower edge in place with a roofing nail, and cover it with another shingle ASAP.
  • Temporary Tarps – Drape a tarp over the ridgeline, fastening each grommet to the roof sheathing with a 2 inch screw and 1 ½ inch fender washer.
  • Long-term Tarping – Is there a larger hole in your roof or are you wait-listed for repairs? Protect your home from water and prevent fall-throughs by covering the hole in 5/8 inch exterior plywood. Then, using 2 inch deck screws, fasten the plywood to undamaged sheathing. Place the tarp with the edge going over the roof peak and a few feet down the other side. Secure edges with 1×3 strapping screwed to the roof sheathing.

If your home is in need of post-winter roof repair, you can trust in the professionals at Bill West Roofing to fix it. We have been serving Kansas City and surrounding areas for over 30 years and pride ourselves on providing quality repairs in the Kansas City area. Contact Bill West Roofing when your roof needs repair.

Emergency Roof Repair

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