Emergency Roof Repair: How to Protect Your Home After Unexpected Events

Emergency Roof Repair: How to Protect Your Home After Severe Storms

In Kansas City, MO, and surrounding areas, a violent storm or tornado can strike like the Hammer of Thor, powerfully and instantly, without regard for property or human life. Unfortunately, catastrophic weather events are a reality in the Midwest, and when one happens, those in the path of the storm have their whole lives thrown into flux. 

Whether it is an ice or snowstorm, hailstorm, or thunderstorm, homeowners face the challenge of monitoring and managing their homes against all possible outcomes. A proactive action plan is crucial, including emergency roof repair and filing a homeowner’s insurance claim if their home suffers damage.

What Type Of Storm Damage Necessitates An Emergency Roof Repair

Following a storm, it may not always be apparent that your roof has suffered damage. However, if you notice “newly discovered” issues that were not present before the storm, a trained roofing professional should thoroughly assess the situation. They should provide a detailed analysis of their findings, and take swift action to repair any trouble spots.

A Leaky Roof

If you observe water stains along your walls or on your ceilings, more likely than not, you have a leaky roof. Moisture has penetrated through the roofing layers and into the home. Unfortunately, water intrusion can lead to mold and mildew growth in dark or concealed spaces. It also can develop in visible locations, appearing as dark spots.

A leaky roof also suggests that one or more roofing components have failed. Water has effectively infiltrated multiple sublayers, some likely wooden. Consequently, wood rot may have occurred. 

An Ice Dam

When heat rises from the house to the roof, snow on the rooftop melts. The snowmelt flows down the roof to the eaves, refreezing as ice. The newly formed ice build-up is called an ice dam. When subsequent snowmelt cascades down the roof, it becomes caught at the ice dam and can no longer channel off the roof safely.

This untenable and dangerous situation results in excess weight on the roof. If this issue remains untreated, structural damage to roofing sublayers and the house can result. Gutters and shingles often incur problems as well. Homeowners must take immediate action by involving a knowledgeable professional to remove the ice dam. 

Damaged Or Missing Shingles

A ripped, punctured, loose, or absent shingle provides an accessible entry place for water to penetrate the roofing system and the home. The underlying roofing layers are not designed to handle moisture directly. They will begin degrading quickly, allowing moisture to absorb through the sublayers, often resulting in permanent damage.

Replacing damaged shingles must be a priority for a homeowner. Do not treat the situation lightly, as though it isn’t a serious issue. Avoid DIY patches and temporary fixes. Get to the root cause of the problem as soon as possible. Surrounding shingles may also be damaged. Involve an established roofing pro to provide a permanent solution.

Safety Risks

Outside elements, including rainwater and snowmelt, can easily access a home’s interior spaces through gaps in the roof. Depending on where inside the house the moisture settles, the risk of it contacting electrical wiring or combustible materials presents a fire hazard.

Depending on the nature of the roofing damage, it could be a dire situation necessitating a fast response. For example, if the roof develops a sag suddenly, collapse could be imminent. Postponing a repair may seem like an option if the roof’s condition is not “that bad.” However, the health and well-being of a household’s residents and occupants matter most.

Structural Issues

Gravity. It pulls mass, including water, to the lowest place possible. Eventually, water penetrating through a faulty roof collects in less-than-ideal locations within a home. Unfortunately, it also compromises a house’s structural integrity. Most homes utilize wood as the primary construction material: decking, rafters, joists, studs, beams, flooring, etc.

The degradation process expedites when wood-based components are consistently and repeatedly exposed to moisture and humidity. Even a tiny leak will seep down the wall behind the drywall into hidden crevices in the home. Repair a damaged roof before problems become unmanageable.

Connecting With A Responsive 24/7 Emergency Roof Repair Specialist

For homeowners in Kansas City, MO, and neighboring suburban areas, Bill West Roofing provides prompt, 24/7 roofing services in any emergency. We care passionately about helping homeowners in their greatest hour of need. Our knowledge and experience assisting homeowners under challenging situations enables us to offer the best solutions no matter the circumstances.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about our roofing services, contact Bill West Roofing today.

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