How Energy Efficiency Saves You More than Money

How Energy Efficiency Saves You More than Money

How Energy Efficiency Saves You More than Money

There are lots of ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency, and you may have already tackled some of the big ones, like sealing air leaks around the exterior, having a Kansas City roofing company install attic ventilation, investing in insulated siding or replacing your drafty older windows.

Here are three “beyond the box” suggestions that are worth implementing as well, to help you enjoy a more energy-efficient home.

Banish Energy Vampires

Many of the devices found in today’s homes consume energy even when they’re not in use. According to the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, these “energy vampires” account for about five to 10 percent of household energy use.

You can eliminate this standby energy waste by unplugging such items after each use, or by putting like-use devices – think TV, sound bar, media streamer and game console – on a power bar that’s easy to switch off. The energy vampires in your home are fairly easy to spot – just look for any device that charges batteries, or has a remote control, external power supply or continuous display.

Investigate Your Solar Options

When you think about going solar to improve your home’s efficiency, you might mistakenly think you need to have solar panels installed in your yard or on the roof so you can disconnect your home’s electrical system from the grid.

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of household items and equipment available that utilize this renewable energy source instead of plugging into an electrical outlet. Some of the options for saving energy around your home without going completely off-grid include a solar-powered water heater, outdoor lighting, mobile device charger, radio and attic ventilation fan.

Seal and Insulate the HVAC Ductwork

You probably don’t notice the ductwork that distributes conditioned air throughout your home because it’s hidden away behind the walls or run through unfinished spaces like the attic, crawlspace, basement or garage. If it’s leaky and uninsulated, you may be wasting 20 percent or more of your HVAC equipment output. Having the duct seams and joins sealed with mastic or metal-backed tape, and the runs wrapped in R-6 insulation can dramatically improve your heating and cooling efficiency and save a significant amount of energy.

To learn more ways to make your home more energy efficient, contact us today at Bill West Roofing, the local Kansas City roofing company dedicated to quality and service.

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