roof repair estimates in Kansas City area for all homeowners

How Accurate is a Roofing Estimate

roof repair estimates in Kansas City area for all homeowners

Getting roof repairs or replacement done means a lot of money so it’s best to know how much you are expected to shell out before the project begins. Most residential roofing companies in Kansas City give estimates or quotes to prospective customers so you don’t have to do the math yourself. However, getting a quote and understanding what’s in it are two different things.

Factors that Affect Residential Roofing Estimates

Here’s a guide on how to safely evaluate repair or replacement costs for your roof:

The roofing company’s reputation

Roofing companies compete with each other to offer attractive quotes and earn the bid on a roofing project. Be wary of bids that are extremely low or high in comparison with the competition.  A start up roofing company, for example, often gives cheaper estimates in an effort to establish a customer base.  Without a previous record of customer satisfaction, accepting the bid of a startup can be risky.  Always check their certifications.

An established roofing company may give you a bid that falls on the middle or high end of the spectrum but they do have an established reputation and years of experience in doing roofing jobs. Roofing is the #2 business to go bankrupt with in the first few years of business (Restaurants top the list at #1) .   Translation: the company that has a cheaper offer might not be able to become a perennial household name, and any subsequent roof repairs may have to go to another contractor.

An official referral service

You may receive referrals from friends and family members who have had a good experience with a contractor.  There are, however, more official referral services that keep track of a company’s accuracy and reputation. To make it easier on our clients and to improve our own reputation, the team at Bill West Roofing has teamed up with both Certainteed and GAF the best shingle manufacturer.  We also maintain an exceptional BBB rating.

Manufacturers and materials

Roof systems vary greatly in style and materials used. Low-end shingles are attractive when it comes to installation costs and appearance, but may to not hold up to weathering and aging.  Research the materials and how much they cost in the current market to give you an idea if the estimates are a long-term or short-term cost.

Be wary of contractors who “go cheap” in some areas of the roofing systems. Mismatching roofing products to gain a lower installation cost may void any warranty offered by the manufacturer.

The extent of the roof inspection

Many problems may go undiscovered until the shingles are torn off of the roof.  In this case, the contractor should approach the homeowner to discuss new findings that require repairs or replacement.  Simply ignoring a rotting roof deck to stick within the initial benefit will only require more expensive repairs later on.

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