Shingle Roof Repair Explained: Uplifting Nails

Shingle Roof Fasteners Uplifting

Roofing nails popping up - Roof Repair in Kansas City MOShingle Roof Repair – Roofing Nails Lifting or “Popping”

Shingle Roof Fasteners Uplifting:  During roof installation it’s easy for installers to forget about proper pressure setting on their nail guns. In most cases too many roofing nailers are hooked up to a low volume compressor and the air supply is not sufficient to drive each fastener fully. At time of installation only the severe “high nails” are noticeable. When the asphalt shingle seals to itself a tight bond is formed. “High nails” begin to protrude through the top surface of shingles. Rusting and seepage can occur. It is also possible for the roof’s underlayment fasteners to uplift.

Shingle Roof Repair Explained: Uplifting Nails

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a shingle roof over time, and any roof is going to eventually need some kind of repair. If you notice you have uplifted or popped nails on your shingle roof, you will want to look into the issue right away.

Generally, when you have nails uplifting on a shingles roof, the shingles will look a bit raised or like there is a wave in the roofing material. It might curl a bit on the corner and any of that evidence can cause issues for your home.

What Do Uplifting Nails Cause?

Any time there’s a breach in the roofing, there are possibilities for leaks. Even small leaks can lead to rotting roof sheathing or damaged roof framing if they are not repaired. And small leaks don’t heal themselves. In fact, they only get worse over time.

Why Do Nails Back Out?

You might think that once a nail is in place, it’s there for good. However, nails are set into wood, which expands and contracts with temperatures over time. If they are not properly placed, they can back out of their positions. If nails are not anchored well into the wood, they are vulnerable to the movement that comes with seasonal expansion. Changing moisture levels also have an effect. Even well-placed nails can eventually shift.

Are Repairs Possible?

If you notice a few popped nails on your shingle roof, you can have repairs done. However, when there are large areas, you will need a partial or full roof replacement to take care of the issue. It’s always best to have a professional take care of even minor popped nail issues because roofs are high off the ground and professionals know how to operate the repairs safely and effectively. Keep an eye on your shingles and watch for curling or waves. Then, call a roofing company for an assessment.

If you’re ready for roof repairs because of uplifting nails, contact Bill West Roofing. We don’t want water getting into your home through small issues that can easily be repaired. Contact us for a free roof inspection and we’ll give you detailed information as to how we would go about fixing your popped nails. We won’t do anything to your home we wouldn’t do on our own.

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