Fixing Your Flat Roof With One Step

Fixing Your Flat Roof With One Step

Fixing Your Flat Roof With One Step

Flat roofs have plenty of advantages on a commercial property, but they also take maintenance and attention.

You want to avoid leaks and damage if at all possible, so when the flat roof needs repairs, what should you do? Here are some items to consider along with the one-step you’ll need to take to get repairs done fast.

Here is what NOT to do:

Assess the damage by climbing on your roof

If you’ve owned the property for quite some time, you know what it looked like before and you may be able to see the differences in the flat roof now. You could check things out on your own and see what types of repairs the flat roof might need.

However, walking on the roof can damage flashings. Bringing tools on the roof only increases your chance of tearing or puncturing your flat roof system, causing more damage. Not to mention flat roofs can have tripping hazards that may cause you to slip or fall.

Attempt repairs by yourself

If you know a little bit about repairs and are handy with your property in other ways, you might want to get some supplies and see if you can fix the flat roof on your own. Getting the repairs done fast is to your advantage, after all, since you don’t want any further damage to come about…

This is a horrible idea for many reasons. Your flat roof has many protrusions like ventilation and air conditioning units. Each of these areas needs to be sealed and repaired by a professional.

Instead, Take This Step

Instead of troubling yourself with assessments and even repairs, it’s in your best interest to contact a certified, insured roofing contractor for help. Let’s face it, you’re not a roofing expert and when you hire one to work on your flat roof, you have a lot more assurance about the repair once it’s complete. Not only that, but they come with insurance so if anyone gets hurt on the job, that’s not on you. If anything goes wrong with the repairs, that’s also not on you. All of that is worth your effort to make the call. They leave the guesswork completely out of the process and will be able to give you a professional assessment that gets to the heart of the problem in the roof.

If you’ve noticed leaks or other damage on your property’s flat roof, take one step and one step only–call Bill West Roofing of Kansas City. We understand that your commercial property comes with maintenance requirement and when it comes to the flat roof, we have you covered. We’ll come out, give you an estimate and full assessment, and take care of any repairs needs in a timely manner so you don’t have to worry about further damage. Take one step and then watch us do the rest!

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