What to Look for in a Great Gutter Installation Service

What to Look for in a Great Gutter Installation Service

What to Look for in a Great Gutter Installation Service

The trees around Kansas City are lovely. We have beautiful mixes of deciduous and coniferous trees that dazzle with color and cool with shade. Those same trees, though, also clog gutters. Clogged gutters can give way, bend, or pull off from the fascia holding them to your home. If your Kansas City-area home is due for gutter replacement, you are no doubt shopping for a gutter replacement specialist. But what should you look for in a gutter company?



A good gutter replacement and installation company should be locally based, so you know who to call for any issues, routine maintenance or when you add on an addition and need to match the existing gutters and colors.

A local, reliable service like Bill West Roofing can be on the job quickly, yet return if needed. Unlike a service that just “passes through,” our workers know they will have to answer to you (and the front office) if you are unhappy. So, they install gutters flawlessly from the start. No need for callbacks!


A good gutter replacement company starts by assessing the size of gutters you need. Gutters are actually part of a roofing system; they carry water off the roof and away from your exterior walls, protecting your home and retaining its value.

Gutters come in a few sizes, meaning larger ones can carry more water. Depending on the surface area and slope of your roof, you may need a 5-inch K style, or a larger (bigger capacity) 6-inch K style. This thoughtful engineering carries into the downspouts, with 2×3-inch downspouts for smaller gutters, but 3×4-inch downspouts for the bigger profile. Rainwater is safely whisked away from your concrete foundation.


Superior gutter replacement means not neglecting the details. From choosing the right size and color to determining the correct slope, our crews can roll out the seamless gutter and attach it swiftly.
They know to inspect your fascia when the old gutter comes off. This means they may recommend fascia replacement if the existing board shows signs of rot or wear.
They attach the gutters securely, using the right brackets for the style of gutter you choose.

Do not be fooled by our name; Bill West Roofing understands the vital role gutters play in your home’s roofing system. We can expertly and efficiently arrange a gutter replacement to protect your Kansas City home. Contact us at Bill West Roofing today!

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