How Hidden Storm Damage Spreads On Your Roof

How Hidden Storm Damage Spreads On Your Roof

Because we sit right on the edge of “Tornado Alley,” the Greater Kansas City area is prone to severe storms; especially during the warmer months.

Damaging winds and heavy downpours threaten the integrity of residential roofs across the area. You might not see the damage, but that does not always mean your roof survived a bad storm unscathed. And if you do notice some minor shingle damage, do not dismiss a missing, bent or torn shingle as no big deal.

When it comes to your roof, what you can and cannot see after a storm can bring you a lot of trouble down the road. If you do not catch hidden storm damage right away, this damage will continue to spread and could become a costly repair.

Types of Hidden Roof Damage

Shingles are the first line of defense against moisture getting through your roof. But if the wind blows them up, the nails used to secure the shingles can move. The nail holes become bigger. And it is not just the nail holes in the shingles, but the nail holes your roof’s underlayment all the way through to your roof deck. The result is that water can now leak into the enlarged nail hole.

Flashing is used to seal your roof in areas where different roof sections on your house join or where chimneys and vent pipes come out of your roof. Severe wind can cause the flashing on your roof to tear just like shingles can.

Hail or flying debris can puncture your roof’s shingles. The damage might not be noticed right away until you see a leak or signs of mold and water damage in your home. Your shingles will also deteriorate faster.

Do Not Wait for Leaks to Start

Hidden storm damage might not show up as a big leak at first, but over time, it will grow. After a severe storm involving wind, it is always a good idea to have your roof inspected. Even if you cannot see any visible damage, a trained professional knows what to look for on your roof. Be proactive before thedamage spreads throughout your roof and into your home. Call Bill West Roofing at (816) 229-5215 to schedule your roof inspection or emergency repair for storm damage to your roof.

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