Hire the Perfect Roofing Crew

Imagine the perfect roofing crew. Tall and handsome, they stand on your house, flexing muscles as you hand up cool, refreshing lemonade you made for them. Every now and then you catch their eye and they see you staring at their six-pack abs. As you bake cookies for yet another visit up the ladder, you know you should leave them alone up there, to work on their tans. Wait…shouldn’t they be working on your shingle roofing?

When you need to hire a roofing contractor, try to look past the dazzling smiles and great hair. You have to find a contractor qualified to do the job right.

Cutest Contractor Crews

Do you really want to search for the cutest roofing crews, or the best? Bill West Roofing has experienced, hard-working crews hired for their professional skills, which seldom includes tanning. Oh, some of our workers may be cute, but that is not the reason they work for Bill West Roofing. With a roofer thirty feet up on your roof, being cute is less useful than putting down GAF or CertainTeed shingle roofing expertly and efficiently.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

At Bill West Roofing, we may have broken a lot of hearts because our roofing crews—cute and buff as they may be—are never in one place for very long. We know how to assess your needs—your home’s needs—and get the shingle roofing job done quickly. We can remove your old shingles, repair deck and underlayment, put down high-quality, long-lasting CertainTeed or GAF shingle roofing and be gone in a flash. Some say we are too fast, that we just lead a homeowner on, but we never overlook the wishes of our customers.

Hire Us for Our Looks

The best reason to hire Bill West Roofing is for looks. The look of your house, that is. We can put down shingle roofing that will make your house the envy of your neighborhood. The looks you will get from slowly passing cars come directly from the experience and credentials we bring to the job. We have been in roofing for more than three decades, and received certifications for our work from both GAF and CertainTeed.

We are proud to hold CertainTeed’s Select ShingleMaster certification, awarded to the top one percent of all roofing businesses. Ask to see our certifications. We think they’re kind of cute.

Contact Bill West Roofing for all your shingle roofing needs.

Shingle Roof Replacement

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