The best way to bundle roof repairs and save money

How to Bundle Roof Repairs and Save a Ton of Money

The best way to bundle roof repairs and save money

Your roof is leaking and you have to get a roofing crew out to make repairs. Before you schedule the work, take a moment to think. Are there any other related repairs that you could have done at the same time? Bundling roof repairs can save you a lot of money and hassle, both now and in the future.

What Kind of Repairs Can You Bundle?

Roof repairs take on many forms.

Leaks – Water is coming into the house at one or more places. It could be at a valley, under a loose shingle, or where a branch has created a hole.

Missing or damaged shingles – It might be only one or two, or you could have several that need to be replaced.

Rot in the roof decking – A leak has caused the wood to start rotting. The deck needs to be replaced and recovered.

Flashing problems – The flashing around your chimney or vents is not properly sealed and water may be getting inside.

Gutters in disrepair – Your gutters are pulling away from the house and water is causing damage along the roof edge. The downpour of water may be getting into the home’s foundation.

Why Is Bundling a Good Idea?

You may be calling out a roofer to repair a leak that is causing damage in the house or to fix a gutter that’s falling apart and letting water into the basement. While you have the roofer on site, it’s a good time to get other repairs made.

Bundling is a smart move.

It saves you money. The roofer is onsite already with all the equipment and manpower in place. Most roofing companies will give you a lower price for work done in one visit, compared to making them come out multiple times.

It saves you hassle. Instead of dealing with a repair team on your roof multiple times, you deal with it once. That means less mess, less hassle, and less noise.

It can extend your roof’s lifespan. The minor repairs that you may be putting off could end up becoming major problems in a short time. Bundling all those repairs into one visit keeps your roof in good condition.

It gives peace of mind. Instead of worrying, you know your roof is in good condition when the roofer leaves.

Do you want to talk more about bundling some roof repairs? Call Bill West Roofing today.

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