How To Finance a New Shingle Roof

How To Finance a New Shingle Roof

How To Finance a New Shingle Roof

Your roof is one of your home’s top defenses to protect it from the elements. Replacing your home’s roof will be one of the larger investments you will make as a homeowner, and it is certainly worth the investment. But what if you do not have the savings or the cash flow to finance a new shingle roof? Financing your roof replacement could be the answer for you. Here’s how to get started!

Find Out How Much It Will Cost

The first step to financing your shingle roof replacement is to find out how much it will actually cost. You can contact roofing contractors and request a free estimate. Your cost will be based on the:

  • Square feet of your roof
  • Pitch of your roof
  • Condition of your existing roof
  • Repairs needed before new shingles can be installed
  • Type of shingles to be used

Evaluate Your Budget

If you plan to finance your roof replacement, you need to evaluate your budget. This will help you determine how much you can afford to spend each month to pay for your new roof. You may also find areas you can cut back on to free up money to help cover your finance payment.

Discuss Financing Options with Your Roofer

When replacing a shingle roof, you could have various financing options available depending on your personal circumstances. You could choose to finance by:

  • Obtaining a home equity line of credit from your bank
  • Placing an insurance claim if your roof was damaged from a storm
  • Obtaining a loan from your bank or credit union
  • Apply for financing offered by your roofer

The financing method you choose should be fair and affordable to your family’s budget. When you choose Bill West Roofing to do your shingle roof replacement, we will discuss the options we offer. One such option is financing through GreenSky if qualified with credit approval. The benefit of this type of financing is you get a reduced and fixed interest rate for 96 months, which makes your replacement more affordable.

If your roof needs to be replaced, do not delay. The longer you put off a replacement, the more likely damage will continue to spread throughout your roof and home. In the greater Kansas City area, contact Bill West Roofing. Our trustworthy team will explain your options for financing and help you choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

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