How to prioritize the most critical roof repairs

How to Prioritize Most Critical Roof Repairs

How to prioritize the most critical roof repairs

Your roof can last for decades without problems. At some point, however, it will need to be repaired. Some repairs are minor, others are major, and many fall in between. And the costs for making these repairs run from the low hundreds well into the thousands. Which ones need to take priority?

What Drives the Cost of Roof Repairs?

Many factors influence the cost of roof repairs:

Extent of the damage – Replacing a few missing shingles is going to cost much less than replacing rotted decking and a few squares of shingles.

Cost of roofing material – Asphalt shingles are on the lower end of the cost range. Other roofing materials like wood, metal, tile, or slate cost more.

Amount of labor needed – Some repairs can be done in an hour with a two-man crew. Others may require several hours with five crew members.

Pitch of the roof – Roofs with a steep pitch require special safety gear and staging equipment so the job can be done safely. That costs extra.

Which Roof Repairs Are a Priority?

As a homeowner, you may have multiple repairs that you need to make, but don’t yet have the money to cover them all. Where does your roof repair go in the priority order?

Some repairs are minor. You might have a couple of missing shingles or some loose flashing. No water is coming in and you don’t see any damage to the roof structure itself.

Some repairs are moderate. You may have some water coming in around the chimney or vents. Several shingles may be damaged or missing. You see some stains starting to form on the underside of the roof deck.

Some repairs are major. You have active leaks, often in multiple locations. The roof decking is rotting around those leaks. The water coming is causing damage inside the house.

There’s one thing to remember about roof repairs. What is a minor repair today can easily become a major repair in a very short time.

When money is tight, you may be able to delay making minor repairs and even some moderate ones. However, you need to get those repairs done as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming major ones.

For all your roof repair and replacement needs, Bill West Roofing is here to help. Give us a call at the first sign of roof trouble.

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