How To Understand How Your Roof Warranty Works

How To Understand How Your Roof Warranty Works

How To Understand How Your Roof Warranty Works

Are you having a new roof installed? If so, it’s easy to get caught up comparing shingle profiles and colors. One important detail you need to understand is your warranty coverage. Getting the answer to the question “how do roof warranties work” is a good starting point.

Roof Warranties in Oak Grove and Blue Springs

Deciphering a roofing warranty is no easy task. But, it’s crucial to know what kind of coverage you need before installing a new roof. Learning about the different types of warranties can help clarify your coverage options.

  • Manufacturer warranties. Manufacturer or “material” warranties cover product defects/premature deterioration for a set period. Basic material warranties cover the cost of new shingles. But, most don’t cover labor/installation costs to replace the defective product.
  • Workmanship warranties. Reputable roofers stand behind their workmanship with a warranty. This kind of coverage protects you against flawed or faulty workmanship. But, the warranty may not cover replacement materials or other damage repair costs.
  • Roof system warranties. Leading roofing manufacturers offer optional extended warranties with more comprehensive coverage. Typically, they cover shingles and specific accessories, along with materials and labor. These are usually only available on complete roof systems installed by certified contractors.

Put Warranty Length in Perspective

Warranties aren’t all created equal, even when they appear to be the same length. The key terms to be aware of are “pro-rated” and “non-pro-rated.”

  • Pro-rated. A pro-rated warranty can sound attractive because it offers a lengthy coverage term. But, but it won’t provide 100% coverage over the entire warranty period. Some do offer full coverage for a portion of the warranty term. Afterward, your coverage drops every year of the remaining term.
  • Non-pro-rated. When a warranty is non-pro-rated, you have 100% coverage for the entire warranty term. This means you’ll receive the full warranty benefits throughout the coverage period.

Importance of Activating Your Warranty

To have coverage on your new roof, you need to register the warranty with your manufacturer. If you don’t and your installation paperwork gets lost, there’s a chance a future claim gets denied.

Get Advice From a Trusted Roofer

A reliable local roofer is your best source of advice about roof warranties. They can answer all your questions and explain even the fine print found in a manufacturer’s warranty.

To learn more about roof warranties, contact us at Bill West Roofing. We’re the trusted SELECT ShingleMaster roofer in Kansas City.


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