Behind The Scenes Of Everything Included In Roof Replacement

Behind The Scenes Of Everything Included In Roof Replacement

Behind The Scenes Of Everything Included In Roof Replacement

Having reliable roofing on your home in the Lee’s Summit area is essential. Your roof keeps your home interior safe from water damage and other kinds of damage from exposure to the elements. When it’s time to have a new one put on, what is included in your roof replacement?

Deck Replacement

The deck provides the surface your roof shingles are attached to. your current roof deck might not be in good condition, especially if it’s older. Your roof replacement includes removing your existing deck and installing a new one.

Shingle Replacement

Shingles can deteriorate over the years from exposure to the elements. Since shingles protect your home from storms and other adverse weather, they’ll need to be replaced with new ones.

Underlayment Replacement

Roof underlayments help keep water from getting into your home. When you’re having your roof replaced, this includes replacing the underlayment with a new one. Having a new underlayment helps ensure your home is protected from water damage.


The vents on your roof are responsible for providing plenty of airflow through your attic. You might need to have new vents installed if your current ones aren’t in good condition.

Flashing Replacement

Flashing around vents and other openings in roofs, such as chimneys, keeps water out of your home. You can have new flashing installed during a roof replacement to replace worn, damaged, or old flashing.

Ice and Water Shield Replacement

Ice dams and flowing water can severely damage your home, so it’s essential to have a reliable ice and water shield.

Gutter Replacement

When your gutters are damaged or old, you can have them replaced along with your roof. This helps ensure your home is safe from water damage since your gutters direct water away from your home’s siding and foundation. 

Services Included

In addition to providing materials for replacing roof components, other services should be included in your roof replacement. These include tearing off your current roof components, cleaning up afterward, and communicating with you throughout the process. At Bill West Roofing, we provide all of these services to ensure high-quality roof replacement.

If you need roof replacement services, please contact Bill West Roofing today. Our roofing experts can provide more information on having your roof replaced.

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