Increase Curb Appeal With 5 Simple Upgrades: Looks Do Matter

Whether you like it or not, every potential customer pre-judges your business based on the way the building looks from the outside. It is the first impression that you make, and if the exterior looks old and out of date, customers assume your company will be as well. Fortunately, when you are doing a flat roof replacement, or other exterior work, you can also increase the building’s curb appeal with some minor upgrades and drive more customers to your business.

  • Awnings: One popular trend for businesses in Kansas City is to incorporate new awnings into their buildings. An awning reduces energy consumption by providing shade to the building, and it adds depth to the exterior. Attaching an awning to a building with a flat roof is relatively easy, and can be done in a matter of hours.
  • Decorative Concrete: Upgrading the walkway into your business is as simple as replacing boring sidewalks with decorative concrete designs. There are several companies in Kansas City that can do custom concrete designs and they will work with you to spruce up your walkways so that they appear more inviting to your customers.
  • Walkway Lighting: If you do business early in the morning or into the evening, walkway lighting is a must. Customers automatically feel safer and are more attracted to your building when their path from the parking lot to your front door is well lit. Use small ground mounted lights for the best results.
  • Greenery: The exterior of a building on its own is drab and boring. With some greenery you can add a splash of color so your business looks less institutional. Small shrubs or flowering plants, like French Lilacs, give the building a needed touch of warmth, and require little maintenance.
  • Rain Chains: Get rid of the ugly exterior downspouts that come down from your flat roof and upgrade to a set of rain chains. These fixtures gently guide water from the gutters to the ground, and they are appealing to the eyes as they do so. Choose from several different designs, including flowers, buckets and simple links.

At Bill West Roofing, we have decades of experience helping Kansas City home and business owners get educated about their flat roof needs. Contact Bill West Roofing when your business is in need of a flat roof replacement.

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