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Inspect and Repair Your Gutters Before the Rainy Season Starts

The gutters on your house may seem like a fairly minor part of your home but they actually provide some very important functions that keep you and your home safe from the ravages of Mother Nature. In addition to keeping you dry, a good gutter system will also funnel the majority of the water away from your house. For these simple reasons, it is imperative to inspect, maintain and repair your gutters every year.


The process of gutter repair starts by cleaning leaves and other debris out of the gutters so that you can do a thorough inspection of the system. You should also flush the downspouts so that any debris in them is also cleared. Next examine, all parts of the gutter especially the joints and the brackets as these are the two areas that experience the most stress.


Preventive maintenance is the most cost-effective way to keep your gutters functioning properly. Ensure that you or a qualified contractor recaulks every joint, levels and plumbs the components and replaces any lost screws or rivets.

Gutter Repair

While all quality gutters will last for twenty years or more, they will eventually wear out. It takes and experienced eye to determine when to replace an entire section rather than just the damaged element. By repairing only the obviously damaged areas and not those around it, you are merely delaying the inevitable and costing yourself more money in the long run.


Another aspect of gutter repair that is often overlooked is the issue of upgrades. Gutter technology has imported dramatically over the past decade. When having your gutters inspected, you should also consider adding such improvements as leaf guards to help avoid clogs in the fall and gutter heaters to prevent ice dams in the winter.

A Final Thought

As you can see, a gutter inspection is not really a simple affair. Having a trained professional not only saves you the time and effort but also provides a thorough and exacting job. In short, in the final analysis, you and your gutters will be far better off. Bill West Roofing will come and inspect your current gutter system and if repairs or replacement are needed you can be assured that we will never try to sell you more than your home needs.  Contact us today to schedule your free gutter estimate.


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