Is My Roof Leaking or Is It Something Else?

Roofs can be tricky things sometimes – especially when spots appear on your ceiling and you wonder if its your roof leaking, or could it be something else? Here are two common causes for Kansas City ceiling damage that seem like roof leaks, but really are something else:

High Humidity

new roofing project lees summit missouri kansas city install repair As most of us know, Kansas City has a LOT of humidity!

Condensation from humidity can pool in areas of ceiling material, looking very similar to a roof leak. It is difficult to tell if its from humidity or a roof leak, but it is possible. If there is no apparent flaws with your roof, and the ceiling damage is in a high humidity roof such as a bathroom or laundry room, it is most likely humidity damage.

How do you prevent this problem? If your building has high humidity, you should install a vapor barrier on the warm side of the insulation to block the humid air from condensing into a puddle inside your ceiling. Make sure that your house is properly ventilated – especially the dryer, which can be the at fault for many moisture problems in the house. Use a vapor-resistant primer under the finish coat of walls to prevent paint from peeling or wood damage.

In the parts of your home that are especially humid, such as the bathroom, invest in a dehumidifier or install vents or fans to promote circulation. Otherwise, to avoid ceiling damage from high humidity, keep your indoor humidifier turned off during the months when it is not necessary.

Gutter Leak

gutter leaking kansas city roof blue springs missouri install new repair

Another non-roof leak cause of home water damage could be a gutter leak. How do you know if you have a gutter leak? You’ll need to look at the eave of your roof which is made of the fascia (the vertical part that gutters fasten to) and the soffit (the bottom of the eave).

The easiest way to test for a leak would be to use a garden hose and check to see if water is dripping through the eaves. If you see the water dripping between the fascia and soffit, or from the soffit alone, it is most likely coming from the roof. If the water is coming from the gutter end caps or downspouts, it is a gutter issue.

Choosing the Right Contractor to Fix Them

Keep yourself educated on these issues but also know that there are exceptions to any rule. Many times, the cause of the issue is not clear or is beyond a simple fix. This is when you should call a Kansas City roofing contractor, but make sure to contact one that is experienced with these issues. Too often, inexperienced or careless contractors misdiagnose these problems – costing you time and money. Bill West Roofing has dealt with all types of leaks, humidity and gutter issues, and can help you to correctly diagnose the issue and provide a solid solution.

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