Should You Replace Your Roof if You Are Selling Your Home?

Is Roof Repair Necessary Before Selling Your Home?

If you have decided to sell your Kansas City area home, you may be wondering if your roof is in good enough condition to sell. You may even be debating in your mind whether or not you should seek roof repair, complete replacement, or just sell your home as-is. These are questions anyone selling their home will need answering before they can put it on the market.

Where Do You Start?

First off, you can ask your realtor for their opinion about your roof. Many realtors have been around long enough to know whether or not a roof repair or replacement is advisable. If they think it may be a prudent step, then you should contact a qualified Kansas City roofing contractor, such as Bill West Roofing, to come out and take a look.

What a Contractor Will Look For

A contractor will take into consideration the age of the roof, the appearance of wear, and also look for signs that the underlayment is compromised. Even if you cannot see damage to your roof decking, that does not mean that there isn’t deterioration to the underlayment.

There may also be signs of dry rot around the eaves and soffits as this is the area of the roof that is continually exposed to harsh weather over time. Here in the Kansas City area, your eaves can be exposed to high winds, and even ice dams during the winter, that eventually over time will push moisture up under the edges of your roofing.

Why Do An Inspection

It is advisable that you have this inspection done – along with any roof repair – as any buyer is going to find out the condition of the roof before a sale is approved by the bank. The bank wants to ensure that they are not loaning out money on a bad deal.

Chances are that if your roof is in great condition along with the rest of the home, you stand to gain more on the sale of the property. Keep in mind that curb appeal is vital when a potential buyer stops by. If the roof looks to be in bad condition, that potential buyer will move on to the next property. First impressions are lasting impressions.

Bill West Roofing is a family owned roofing contractor with over 30 years of experience serving the greater Kansas City area. We are a certified CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster contractor that you can trust to do a fair assessment of your roof.

For more information on roof repairs or inspection, contact Bill West Roofing.

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