winter storm damage

Is Winter Storm Damage a Covered Loss by My Insurance?

winter storm damage

As spring approaches, snow, and ice storms continue to pelt most parts of the country. Here in Kansas City, we have seen our fair share of snow. As homeowners, we are defenseless against Mother Nature, and when disaster lands on our doorstep, in this case storm damage, we can be thankful for insurance coverage. Here are a few risks that Missouri residents encounter frequently throughout the course of the winter.  Use them as a conversation starter with your insurance agent to find out what your policy covers:

Falling Limbs

Strong winds and heavy snow pilings make falling limbs inevitable during the winter season. For every house that is damaged by falling tree limbs, homeowner’s insurance will typically cover the cost of the damage and the cost of removing the limb. It does not, however, cover for structures that are not considered buildings under the policy declarations.

Frozen pipes

Broken pipes can be a nuisance to homeowners causing temperatures to plummet and pipes to burst. However, broken pipes are typically covered – although there is often a clause that excludes pipes that burst out of homeowner negligence.

Wind & Storm Damage

Most home insurers cover wind-related claims. For example, when wind blows off shingles off your roof or your siding is smashed up by flying objects in the wind, your insurer will cover the damage. Additionally, if such damage causes your roof to leak freezing rain or your windows get broken, your insurance will repair the damage.

Ice Dams

Ice dams occur when ice thaws on your roof or gutters runoff from draining. This causes leaks that damage the ceiling and the ceilings and the walls. Insurance policies will typically cover the damage cause by an ice dam – but only that. Preexisting damages will not be covered.

Basement Floods

Although most winter-weather damages are covered under the home insurance policy, some damages such as basement floods caused by melting snow, are not covered. Instead, this damage is covered under the flood insurance policy offered by the National Flood Insurance Program.

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