Behind The Scenes Of Lifetime Roof Shingles

Behind The Scenes Of Lifetime Roof Shingles

Behind The Scenes Of Lifetime Roof Shingles

Your roofer may tell you the shingles you’ve just had installed on your roof have a lifetime warranty. When roofing material manufacturers say they offer “lifetime” roof shingles, what do they mean?

What Are Lifetime Roof Shingles?

Roofing materials manufacturers usually offer a lifetime warranty on the quality of their shingles, guaranteeing them to be without defects. But what does ‘lifetime’ mean? Lifetime speaks to the material. Asphalt shingles can last as long as 30 years. Other materials (stone, tile, and metal) can last 50-100 years.

Roof Damage Control: What Can Go Wrong?

We take our share of weather-poundings here in Missouri. Homeowners usually manage winter and summer storm damage quickly. What they don’t know is there is sometimes hidden storm damage. It isn’t unusual for a problem to surface months after a major storm. A quick roof inspection after one of our intense storms can stop damage-spread before it starts. Roof damage can occur due to:

  • Age – It takes time, but weather instabilities gradually erode shingles. Plus, the normal process of aging can make your roof even more susceptible to storm damage.
  • Excessive heat – Midwestern states have squirrely temperature extremes. During hot weather, your roof system expands. Then it contracts with the cool-down. This is called “thermal shock,” and it can weaken your roof over time. During hot weather, humid air can cause moisture-related damages.
  • Hail – Over time, shingles stiffen; this means they can easily crack during a hailstorm. 
  • Snowstorms – The best way to manage unusually heavy snow atop your roof is to call a company specializing in rooftop snow-and-ice removal.
  • Wind – If you see shingles flapping in the wind or torn off the roof after a fairly recent installation (1-2 years), your roofer may not have applied the right type of sealant or allowed it to set at the right temperature.

Weather instabilities can gradually wear down shingles. If your Kansas City-area local roofing professional says you have lost “granules” or there is visible cracking, it’s time to talk about roof management and maintenance.

Roof Damage Control: How You Can Prevent It?

Weather instabilities can gradually wear down shingles. If your local roofing professional says you have lost “granules” or there is visible cracking, it’s time to talk about roof management and maintenance. Your roof is the “foundation” for protecting your home and family from the elements. But it’s easy to forget about the importance of your roof until you see a problem.

Roofing maintenance prolongs the life of your roof. You should consider regular roof maintenance.

    • Maximum Performance – You don’t think of your roof as delivering any kind of “performance.” Your HVAC system circulates air. Plumbing systems deliver potable water and remove wastewater. Your roof “just sits there.” Your roof is actually a well-designed machine, constructed to deliver protection performance. Every vent, joist, shingle, and architectural nuance is a small part of a large delivery system. Your roof is your primary structural defense and its condition can affect your entire home. Maintenance keeps your roof performing better for longer.
  • Problem-Solving Saves Money – You can’t see how a rough winter or a sweltering summer affects your roof. A few dings in your roofing system is no big deal – it takes a while for small problems to become big ones. However, roof leaks are the leading cause of property damage leading to expensive repairs. Regular maintenance catches no-problem spots and deterioration before they become critical leaks.
  • Roof Conditions Change – Your roofing professional will provide you with a “condition report” explaining any existing conditions, what should be watched, and if solutions are needed for potential vulnerabilities.
  • Roof Maintenance Increases Your Property Value – Your home is likely your biggest financial investment. An attractive roof increases curb value. If you intend to sell soon, potential buyers will be favorably impressed by your diligence in caring for and protecting your home. It increases their confidence level and incentive to buy your home in a competitive market.
  • Warranty Protection – Every roof installation and repair agreement varies. There’s a good chance that regular roof maintenance will validate your existing or new warranties.

How Often Do You Need Roof Maintenance?

We recommend that you have a professional roofer inspect your roofer twice each year. Fall is the best time to “shore up” any weak spots and remove debris and leaves that can degrade your roofing system. And after a typical Missouri winter, spring is perfect for your roofing pros to check for weather-related vulnerabilities and ensure your roof is prepared to handle whatever heat summer brings.

Bill West Roofing, Inc. is one of the leading CertainTeed roofers in the Midwest U.S. This is one way you can know our roofing professionals are educated and experienced. CertainTeed won’t link their brand with “just any” roofing company.

We’ve been in business in this part of Missouri for over 40 years, so we were here when your parents need us, we’re here for you, and we’ll be here for your kids. Doing the right thing for you and your family drives our business because we live here, too. Contact us today to learn everything you need to know about roofing warranties.

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