Lower Your Heating Bills With Attic Insulation

reliable roofers in kansas city insulationYour roof plays an important role in helping to protect your home from the cold.  Without the aid of adequate insulation, however, it is a nearly impossible task – especially in the Kansas City area. No matter the type of roof, whether new or old, a homeowner’s task this upcoming winter is to check for quality and effective insulation.

Since many homeowners need a kick start to help them figure out whether their insulation is optimal for their home, here are some considerations to help you save this winter:

Why Should I Look at My Insulation?

Without enough insulation – or without the right type of insulation – heated air from inside your home will make its way up to the attic and outside. This lack of energy efficiency forces your heating system to work harder and leads to higher heating bills.

A well-insulated attic does not allow heat a way to escape, helping your home to stay warmer without having the furnace or heating system running all the time. It also prevents cold air from seeping into the attic, contributing to ever more significant savings on your heating bills.

Insulation R-Values

There are an almost overwhelming amount of insulation materials to choose from.  In addition to the composition, it’s important to have the right R-value, depending on your home’s location and climate. The R-value indicates how effective the insulation is at preventing heat from getting through. For the Kansas City area, insulation with an R-value of 38-60 is recommended in your attic to keep as much hot air in your home as possible.

Benefits of Insulation

As we’ve already mentioned, having a well-insulated attic helps save money on utility bills all year. There are other areas of the home, such as windows and doors, that should also be checked for energy efficiency.

Another advantage of properly insulated attic floor is that it will help prevent ice dams from forming on your eaves. Ice dams can cause considerable water damage when moisture from them seeps under your roof tiles, so it is important to minimize the risk of having them.

How Do Reliable Roofers Help?

When you need to find a reliable roofer in Kansas City to install a heat saving roof to help in your insulating efforts, keep Bill West Roofing in mind. Our professional contractors will help ensure that your house stays warm and cozy this winter. We provide our customers with an exceptional product – refusing to cut corners on quality or materials so that your experience and results are superior. Contact Bill West Roofing for your next roofing job – we would love to give you a hand!

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