What Is Mastic Siding And Why You Want It

What Is Mastic Siding And Why You Want It

What Is Mastic Siding And Why You Want It

Many homeowners choose vinyl siding for their houses and with good reason. Vinyl combines affordability, appeal, and function to make it a worthy investment.

But not all vinyl siding is the same.

A popular option is Mastic siding, which has all of the attributes of regular vinyl but with a few twists. For one, it has the beauty of stained or freshly-painted wood. For another, its overall look can make your home look like new. And there’s more.

What is Mastic siding?

Mastic is one the leading vinyl siding manufacturers in the United States and offers a variety of siding styles. As mentioned, it has the beauty of wood and other siding options, but its vinyl construction makes it more durable and affordable.

The versatility of Mastic siding

One of the many positives of Mastic siding is it comes in an array of colors, thicknesses, product options, and more. It can satisfy the tastes and goals of any homeowner.

Mastic siding’s durability

Mastic vinyl siding is built to handle weather’s extremes, which makes it a good choice for homeowners who live in areas with harsh weather. It also provides a layer of insulation to help keep your home warm in winter and cool during hotter months.

The variety of color options

Mastic vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors which enable you to complement other exterior elements, such as your yard, gutters, and roof.

How to clean Mastic siding

It isn’t hard to keep your siding looking its best and won’t take a lot of time, either. For moderate dirt, use a garden hose to spray your siding with clean water and then use a soft-bristled brush to lightly scrub dirt which doesn’t come off with the initial spray.

For heavier dirt and mildew, spray your siding with clear water and then lightly scrub it with a soft-bristled brush in a soapy water mixture which includes a trisodium phosphate. Make sure to protect your hands with gloves when cleaning mildew.

You can also power wash your vinyl siding but be careful to hold your washer straight ahead rather than aim it upward – which may cause water to collect behind the siding and cause leaks and decay.

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