Roof Repairs That You Will Need Over the Years

The roof on your home or business performs an important function, in that it protects everything that is underneath. Even with the best construction on the front end, the need for some repairs will occur from time to time. Here are examples of the more common kinds of roof repairs that you can expect to need at some point.

Loose Shingles

With any type of shingled roof, the day will come when one or more shingles have to be replaced. All sorts of events can cause shingles to loosen and in some cases break. Bad weather involving high winds is a good example. Even if the shingles are not damaged, any loose ones need to be fixed firmly in place.

Ice Dams

In the winter, snow and rain can settle along the edges of the roof, creating what is known as an ice dam. That barrier makes it easier for precipitation to stand along the roof. Unless the dam is cleared away from the edges and out of the drainage system, it can pave the way for a great deal of damage. The best approach is to make sure that the gutters are kept clear at all times.

Flashing Issues

Flashing is a material that helps to seal specific points along the roof, like the areas around chimneys or in valleys. When the flashing is firmly in place, it allows water to shed away from those areas and minimizes the deterioration of the roofing. Flashing that is beginning to work loose is one of the most common roof repairs, and is most likely to be needed after prolonged periods of bad weather that involves high winds.


No list of roof repairs is complete without mentioning leaks. Damage to the roofing materials and the underlying roof frame will allow precipitation to drip into the attic and through the ceiling. Leaks can develop as the result of a hailstorm, tree limbs dropping on the roof, and even due to improper installation of the roofing products.

Inspections make it possible to detect these and other necessary roof repairs before a significant amount of damage is done. Along with an annual inspection, it helps to have a professional like Bill West Roofing, take a look at the roof after a major storm. Taking care of the repairs as they arise will protect your investment in the roof, and also ensure that it lasts for more years.
Roof Repairs

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