How Are New Seamless Gutters Attached To My House?

How Are New Seamless Gutters Attached To My House?

How Are New Seamless Gutters Attached To My House?

Seamless gutters aren’t new anymore. In many cases, they are the normal gutter system on every house.

Some of the many benefits of these new gutter systems include:

  • They are strong and maintain the gutters’ integrity
  • They offer a smooth, finished look because they require less hardware to install
  • Since they have no seams, they carry water from your home without any leaks

How are Gutters Attached to House?

Seamless gutters are tightly secured to the gutter with almost an invisible system of exterior brackets. The steel gutter hanger is screwed on tight to the fascia before sliding the seamless gutters onto them. It enhances the look of the spout, and it’s also stronger than other lightweight systems.

Professional contractors make custom seamless gutters designed to fit your home perfectly. They make the gutters on-site using a metal fabricating machine to fold a roll of coiled metal into sections made precisely for your home.

Below is the rest of the installation process:

  • First, the contractor measures the sides of your home needing gutters.
  • The contractor will first inspect your fascia and drip edge to ensure they can support the new seamless gutter system
  • Then, they will use brackets and screws to support the entire system better and prevent damage. Unlike nails, screws do not quickly come loose in high winds. Also, the contractor never screws directly into the gutters
  • They mark the eaves using chalk string to denote where to install the gutters. This ensures the system has the correct pitch so water can flow into the downspouts
  • They hang the bracket hangers along the marked chalk lines and attach and secure them with wood screws
  • They install seamless gutters
  • Finally, they connect the elbows ensuring they face the correct direction and the end caps, and then secure the downspouts to direct water from your home

Why Hire a Professional for Gutter Installation

As with other roofing work, installing seamless gutters is dangerous. DIY projects can result in falls and injuries without safety measures in place or safety gear for fall protection. You can also void any warranty if you install the gutters improperly or damage them.

Hence, it is prudent to hire a professional gutter installation contractor or roofer. Bill West Roofing does gutter installation work around the greater Kansas City area, including Lee’s Summit, MO. We also do roofing repair and replacement work. Contact us today; we offer free appointments.

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