our clean & efficient roofing process

Our Clean, Efficient Roofing Process

our clean & efficient roofing process

Magnets only work on certain metals—ones with iron, nickel or cobalt in them. Fortunately, roofing nails are usually galvanized steel or just plain steel – an alloy of carbon and iron.

After every roofing project we work on, we clean up after ourselves, including cleaning stray roofing nails from your lawn. It is only one of the many steps we take to provide you with the cleanest, most thorough roofing process we can.

Speed Matters

Some less scrupulous contractors open several jobs at once and move, job to job, without quite finishing any one of the projects. At Bill West Roofing we start and finish a shingle roofing job in a prompt and timely manner, out of respect for our clients.

We are efficient to keep your roof less exposed to the elements, and your home returns to normal faster when we work to get your roof covered before moving on to our next job.

Our roofing crews are mannerly and careful, but having anyone around your home is disruptive. We not only work hard to provide you with a great new roof, we work hard to respect your home and family while staying out of your way.


Cleaning a work site is not only helpful to the homeowner, it protects our roofers. We clean as we go, but we also clean up thoroughly after the job is done. Old shingles often tear off in small pieces. Roofing nails can fly off the end of the shovels we use to lift old shingles.

Complete Cleanup

New shingles often have thin, plastic, protective ribbons over the adhesive. These have to come off as each new shingle is laid down, to allow the adhesive to stick to the shingle below.

All those plastic ribbons could be a wind-blown mess if we were not so careful—we try to keep your roof, our work site and your landscaping free of debris, including those annoying, flimsy plastic sheets.

Contact Bill West Roofing

Your neighbors will wonder how you got such a great looking roof and managed to keep the lawn looking so good. Feel free to tell them about Bill West Roofing, and our clean, efficient roofing process.

Or, if you have seen a neighbor benefit from our services, contact Bill West Roofing today to see how we can help you to get a great new roof.

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