gutters off of brown metal roof

Prepare For The Spring Thaw With Gutter Replacement

With all the snow and ice Kansas City has seen this winter, everyone is eager for spring to come. Unfortunately, all that challenging winter weather can potentially damage the exterior of your home. A professional gutter replacement insures that the water from spring thaw goes where it’s supposed to and doesn’t cause more problems.

Signs of Gutter Problems

Even before spring arrives, there are warm days when the snow and ice melts off roofs and into the gutters. These days are ideal for going outside and taking a look around. If your gutters are sagging, rusty, have dings or holes, are coming unfastened or leaking in certain areas, these are indicators that gutter replacement or repair is required. Sagging gutters and those that don’t channel the water properly are a minor inconvenience on thaw days but in a full downpour the rush of water can damage your home’s structure and your property.

Choosing New Gutters

Professionally installed gutters not only protect your home’s exterior, they beautify it and create a clean, finished look. When choosing replacement gutters, take the time to investigate your options for materials and appearance. Select a profile that matches your previous gutters or a different profile that compliments the exterior of your home. Materials for gutters include galvanized steel, copper, painted steel, aluminium and PVC. Consult with an expert before deciding on the style and material to insure that you choose the best replacement gutters for your home.

Performing gutter replacement this spring insures that your home is ready for the changing seasons and able to withstand several more unpredictable winters.


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