The Pros And Cons Of Reusing Your Old Shingles

To cut some corners, you may be wondering if your roofer can reuse your old shingles. While it’s possible to reuse old shingles, there are certain pros and cons you should be aware of first. Keep the following information in mind.

Benefits of Reusing Old Shingles

When you reuse old shingles, one of the main benefits is saving money on roofing costs. Using an old shingle or two from your roof means you don’t need to pay for the cost of brand new shingles. For example, if you lose a shingle due to stormy weather, you might have the option to replace it with an old shingle.

Reusing old shingles also helps your roof maintain a uniform appearance. If you replace a missing or damaged shingle or two, the replacement shingles might not have the exact same appearance. Depending on where these new shingles are going and how many you need, this could affect the way your roof looks.

Disadvantages of Reusing Old Shingles

Older shingles can deteriorate or become worn over time. Reusing an old shingle could affect your roof’s ability to protect your home from wind, water, and other elements. Brand new shingles are in prime condition. These replacement shingles can keep your home safe from storm damage or other damage.

It’s best not to reuse old shingles if they are in poor condition. Even if this means your roof might have a different appearance due to replacement shingles, this is still a better option than putting your home at risk of serious damage from water or other problems.

Hire a Roofing Professional

If you’re wondering about reusing old shingles, let a trusted roofer handle this task for you. Your roofer can come to your home to examine old shingles and determine if they should remove them or reuse them. This helps ensure your Kansas City home continues to be protected from the elements.

At Bill West Roofing, we offer dependable services, including roof shingle inspections, replacements, and repairs. Our roof shingle options include CertainTeed shingles, which provide a high level of quality and protection. If you need damaged or worn shingles replaced, contact Bill West Roofing today. Our trusted team members provide exceptional roofing services in the Kansas City, MO area.

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