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Colors of Comfort – Easing the Winter Doldrums

reliable roofers in kansas city

Are the frigid winter temperatures getting you down? Just like a cozy fire or a warm meal, finding ways to incorporate colors of comfort into your home can help to create a more welcoming and inviting environment.

So which colors can offer your Kansas City home a comfortable feel while still staying within a winter color scheme? If you’re currently considering the selection of reliable roofers in the area, there is no question that you’ve contemplated this question as you will want to choose a color scheme that coordinates well with your new roofing material.

Typically, the rich browns, reds, and golds have been favorite go-to warm colors for the winter season, but they also look fantastic year-round. Here are some helpful decorating tips for bringing warm, comfortable colors into your Kansas City home without loosing sight of the winter color scheme:

muted greenFor a soft, cozy look, consider a muted tone.

Think “neutral” in a very soft shade of green. More of an extremely pale sage, really, and it works just as well inside of your home as outside. This color works well in contrasting color combinations, and offers an ageless look to your home.

deep blue by reliable roofersTo embrace the darkness of the season, try a deep blue-green color.

Let’s face it. Some rooms in your home may just simply be dark spaces no matter which colors you bring into them. If you are faced with this predicament, embrace the darkness and create a cozy room that is perfect for snuggling up with a good book on a chilly day. The deep blue-green color seems to go well with everything, from oriental rugs to Islamic textiles.

reliable roofers warm goldWhen in doubt, go with a warm neutral color.

This time of year we are all familiar with gray winter days, and this color will offer your home the perfect amount of warmth without making too much of a statement. Because there are several colors comprised in a muted, earthy gold, you’ll find that it’s a very versatile color that works well with most decor. The subtleness of this color makes is so warm and inviting!

There are many color schemes and ideas available for interior home improvement.  When the weather warms up, however, you will have to start thinking of how your exterior might need a facelift!  For more information on the colors and styles available for your roofing and siding, please contact us at Bill West Roofing, a team of reliable roofers serving the Kansas City area.

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