Can A Leaking Roof Be Repaired In The Winter?

Can A Leaking Roof Be Repaired In The Winter?

Can A Leaking Roof Be Repaired In The Winter?

Snow storms and other winter weather can cause your roof to leak, which puts your home at risk of severe water damage. This damage can include wood rot, mold, mildew growth, and other problems that can lead to structural issues or health hazards.

Can a leaking roof be repaired in winter? Having roof leaks fixed is imperative to prevent serious problems. However, it can be challenging to know whether or not a roof repair is possible in the winter. Keep the following in mind if you face a roof leak this season.

Which Repairs Are Possible

Roofers can make some roof repairs during winter. Metal roofs can generally be fixed during winter, as long as their surfaces do not have slippery ice and snow covering them. Asphalt roof repairs can be more challenging since asphalt shingles are prone to cracking during cold weather. During dry and mild winter seasons, contractors can usually, but not always, fix leaks and other roof repairs for asphalt roofs without any issues.

Winter vs. Warm Weather Roof Repair Process

The roof repair process in winter vs. warm weather will be different, depending on the material necessary for your specific need. Roofers might need to wait until temperatures are at least 40 degrees or higher to replace or repair asphalt shingles. Otherwise, these shingles can become brittle or break due to the cold. The adhesives used to hold shingles in place require warmth. Roofers also need to take additional safety precautions when making repairs in cold weather.

Snow and Roof Repairs

Having snow on your roof can make it hard to have a leak or other repairs done. Snowy rooftops make surfaces slippery for roofing professionals. In most cases, you will need to have snow removed or wait for it to melt before having your roof fixed.

Keep in mind that heavy amounts of snow need to be removed from your roof to prevent the occurrence of damage. Significant snow accumulations on your home can put too much weight on it, causing a risk of structural damage.

When Repairs Can’t Be Done

Roof repair in winter will not be able to be done in extreme conditions, such as during and immediately after a heavy snow, blizzard, or ice storm. These conditions make it hazardous for roofers to climb onto roofs in order to make repairs. Snow or ice might need to melt or be removed before repairs can be completed.

Roof repairs might also need to wait when temperatures are below freezing. These conditions make working outdoors dangerous for roofers. Some materials, such as asphalt shingles, cannot be repaired when temperatures are too low since their adhesives require warmer temperatures to work effectively.

How Roofers Can Provide Help Right Away

Roofers might not have the ability to fully repair a roof leak right away due to weather or other conditions. However, they can take steps to reduce the risk of extensive damage to your home until the leak can be fully repaired.

Roofers can seal off the area where the leak is prevalent from inside your attic to help prevent additional or severe damage. They might also be able to remove ice dams that cause roof leaks and make repairs to your roof at a later point. Roofers can add insulation to your attic to help prevent more ice dams from occurring.

When Immediate Repairs Are Needed

While minor roof problems might be able to wait until spring or warmer weather, some issues are considered a roofing emergency. You should have professional roofers make immediate repairs if you have a large or severe leak causing water to pour into your home. For example, a storm might tear off shingles, leaving a hole in your roof that water can readily get through. This kind of problem requires immediate repairs.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t ignore less urgent roof problems. Even if you suspect a small leak, you should have professional roofers inspect your roof and do what they can to make repairs or prevent additional damage from happening.

Who to Hire for Winter Roof Repairs

When you need roof repairs done during winter, hire professional roofers in your local area. The roofers you hire should have years of experience handling leaks and other maintenance in cold climates and have familiarity with which precautions to take.

Hiring local roofers with experience helps to ensure that your winter roof repairs are completed safely and correctly. Safe roofing repair practices reduce the risk of needing additional repairs to the structure or ending up with recurring roof problems. The experts at Bill West Roofing have many years of experience doing winter roof repairs for homeowners in the Lee’s Summit area.

If you have a roof leak this winter, contact Bill West Roofing in Lee’s Summit as soon as possible. 

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