How to Ask the Right Questions about Gutter Repair

How to Ask the Right Questions about Gutter Repair

How to Ask the Right Questions about Gutter Repair

Keeping your gutter system in good repair is vital to safeguard your home. Not only do your gutters capture and redirect rainwater so it doesn’t harm your siding, foundation and landscaping, they also protect your roof, attic and exterior walls from water damage due to ice dams. By asking the right questions, you can easily assess the condition of your gutters so you’ll know when gutter repair is needed.

Does Water Stay Sitting in the Gutters Even When They’re Clean?

If your gutters have been cleaned out recently, they may need additional attention if you notice that water doesn’t drain away after a rain. When water stays in the troughs, it’s usually a sign that a gutter system lacks sufficient pitch or slope due to either improper installation or settling.

Are the Gutters Properly Attached or Sagging in Some Areas?

If a periodic visual inspection of your gutters reveals that some areas are sagging, it may be that the weight of accumulated debris has pulled out the fasteners holding them to the trim board, or that the fascia itself has decayed and needs to be replaced in order to retain the gutter spikes or screws.

Are There any Audible or Visible Drips During and After a Rain?

Drips from any point along the troughs are likely due to holes or seam separations in your guttering. Erosion of the soil underneath a gutter run, or intermittent dripping sounds coming from the gutters after it rains, are other signs that repairs are needed.

Does Rain Run Down Your Siding?

If you spy water running down your siding during or immediately after a rain, it’s usually an indication that rain isn’t going into the gutters. This can occur if they’ve sagged or pulled away from the fascia in some areas, but it can also be caused by missing or damaged drip flashing – a strip of galvanized metal that’s put in place to funnel rainwater down into the guttering.

Do Your Gutters Look Rusty?

If you see spots of rust developing on your gutters, it’s wise to have the problem addressed before it spreads. Even small spots of rust should be dealt with before significant deterioration takes place and holes start to form that render your gutters ineffective.

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues with your home’s gutter system, contact us today at Bill West Roofing for expert gutter repair services.

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